Monday, November 02, 2009

Time Out

I am currently mourning a great lady that I actually got to meet once.
She was an on line activist from hell. I actually got to sit next to her and escaped without getting slapped. I will tell ya she had me in the corner of her eye.
Good night katymine, Molly Ivans has a brand new friend.
Katymine had been down for a while with some seriously nasty ailments, she finally succommed to cancer after a long battle. She was tough.
She was a health care reform battle tank.

God speed honey.


  1. thanks busted. katy was a very special lady.

  2. tsisageya4:50 PM

    I didn't know her, you guys. I'm so sorry, Busted.

    She seems very awesome.

  3. Good tune Busted, for a great American.