Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hello? WHAT?!!

Sweet Jesus,I forgot my friend Suzanne was coming into town.
I finally had to get off my dead ass and clean the joint up, in a hurry. The big can of Red Bull and four garbage bags later, C'mon in.
I would have been MORTIFIED if she had shown up out of the blue.

Get yer head out of the gutter, it ain't like that, fer Chrissakes. It is possible to have friends ya know.

I told her to randomly call me to say she was coming, even if she wasn't, so I would be forced to get off my dead ass and clean the place up, I am such a bachelor.

I even vacuumed, I swear.

I did have to warn her not to open the sliders to the bed room, I don't think I could dig her out by myself.

Y'all have a nice day and thanks fer stopping by, just give me some notice so I can find ya a place to sit.


  1. Did she tell ya not to use clams in stock pots?

    Did she confirm yer not sick, but only sorta fucking unwell?

    Ya putz, hope you were a good host, and she brought light and laughter.

    She told me not to send ya bluegrass, not that I didnlt know. I might send some anyways, just to piss ya oof.

    Course, you can always trade it for whiskey, propane or cigars. *G*

    Package coming, hope you are too.

  2. i will attest that i have never seen the place that spiffied up.

    busted, babe, one of these years you are gonna have to return the favor so i'm forced to clean up around here :)


  3. Suzanne obviously exerts a positive influence on you, something I couldn't accomplish in 50 years......Love ya, Pop

  4. tsisageya4:59 PM

    OMG, I LOVE bluegrass. The banjo is sublime, as anyone with even a pea-brain would know.

  5. tsisageya5:04 PM

    On the other hand, my ultimate preference in musical instrument is the hollowed-out-by-termites-branch, aka, the didjeridoo. (The spelling differs so I couldn't tell you the right one.)

    I have levels, you know.