Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pound It Again

Fuckin' A. I'd like to have a beer with this guy.

Damn good analysis of the current fuckery.

Of course, you do know, it's all fuckery.

Even my cat gives me the brown eye when I go all politics, bitch.


  1. People still seem to think that the Tea Parties were orchestrated by the GOP. I can assure you they were not. They were HIJACKED by the GOP. Most tea partiers I know are just as pissed off at the Repugnicans as they are the Dimocraps. They're pissed off at the Washington criminal syndicate as a whole. And rightfully so...

  2. k, thanks so much for getting me riled up this what was a calm sunday morning. did you read that the big banks are getting an allotment of the H1N1 vaccine for their special one's? shit, i just want to scream!!! i can't even get one and i am a high risk patient.

  3. If there’s one general lesson to be gleaned from Christie’s victory over Jon Corzine in New Jersey, it’s surely that in today’s zeitgeist it’s less of a stigma to be fat than a former Goldman Sachs fat cat, even in a blue state. Ain't that the fucking truth?

  4. See things that pisses me off at