Thursday, November 05, 2009

Keep Him Alive So We Can Kill Him

This fucking guy who shot up Fort Hood is going to wake up not in Heaven, No 72 virgins either. This fucking asshole is going to wake up to a living Hell.

I don't have a problem with that, either.

Personally, I hope somebody shot the dirty motherfucker right in the balls and the bullet came out his asshole. Keep him alive and shitting in a sandwich bag.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan is actually still alive.

The Army is going to kill him and if they don't, Texas will.

The willful killing of people with no connection to your beliefs continues unabated since recorded history.

Can you say unmanned drones, Small Pox, Fat Boy?

What is it that some crazy fucking people deem it absolutely necessary to KILL?

This is a mind boggling mind set to me.

Kill, as in DEAD.

Like the guy that ran down his own flesh and blood daughter because he perceived her as being "Too Westernized".

What. The. Fuck., is the matter with you, that you have to KILL someone for that?

OUR country is expert at killing people, be it the Electric chair, Hanging or dropping bombs indescriminatly over a wide area.

Do not get the wrong impression, child killers, mass murderers,and fuckers like that can take what they got coming.

Bye Bye, I have no qualms with Capital Punishment if found guilty without a doubt.
It is the same thing as a chicken killing dog, you are arbitrarlily denying society a benefit.
Chickens feed people and killing people randomly is a definite sign of viciousness and cannot be tolerated. Killing for Religious reasons and sexual gratification is detrimental to humanity as a whole.

While I do not generally support our wars of imperialism, the viciousness we have all witnessed such as the beheading of Daniel Pearl is enough for me to condone an ass kicking to leave a message that this is not 209, but 2009.

This might all seem contradictory but an eye for an eye is not my preferred method but God Dammit,weed out those who use extreme violence as a message and a method.

Let's start with the fucking Pentagon.

I mistakenly named Richard Pearle as the victim of a disgusting beheading when it was in fact, Daniel Pearl.
A tip of the hat to tsisageya for the correction.

Wishful thinking on my part.


  1. I'm not sure how to reply, line by line.

    There's a lot of bad in all of this.

    I'm glad you didn't seem too warped in any one way.

    This IS a confused issue, and we may NEVER know the truth of what went down.

    So far, it looks like this dude was fucked with by others, for being Muslim.

    Who's THAT shit on? And conflicting reports on how he did his time as intern and more at Bethesda.

    And got a bad review, despite other good reviews?

    I'm callin Columbine like stuff.

    Not high school but harassment, abuse, and more.

    Course, that don't account for others that put up with abuse and never went apeshit.

    We got a lot to learn, Lucy, about all this, I think.

  2. It's a federal installation, the Feds have jurisdiction.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    bro, couple of good rants there glad to see you haven't lost your ire. I was listening yesterday and heard about ft hood and after hearing the guys name I thought muslum. How fucked up is that that my initial reaction is to lock in on the guys religion like it should have something to do with his behavior. After checking myself I tried to see how I would feel day after day of listening to soldiers say yah I was sitting there eating my dinner out of a tube and heard a loud boom and suddenly my buddies nutsack is all over my face and his limbs are now twenty feet from each other. We as a nation can drop the shit out of bombs but we obviously can't care for our soldiers that are facing fear and anxiety of the like that I will never know. This doesn't justify what the guy did but JHC everyone one that works under the pressure that is our military should be taken care of. Have prayers for the fallen and take care of the broken. If you break it you bought it doesn't just apply to conflicts.

  4. Bravo!!! A mighty fine rant dude and I agree with you on all counts/points.

    I have been up too long, so I am hitting the sack as the codeine cough med is kicking in.

  5. Busted,

    Heard the one about an uprising/mutiny by returning troops being blamed on the Muslim doctor caught in the crossfire yet?

    Just saying.

    Shades of Pat Tillman?

    Seems to me that there was far too much coverage of far too little information (by far, far too many rightwingnuts).

    Clear heads needed.

    Larue's take seems reasonable to me.


  6. Feds still have the death penalty. On Ft Hood makes it a federal crime. Texas has nada to say about this. Major has survived and is now at BAMC-Army hospital at San Antonio. I do not really think that his religion has anything to do with his going apeshit. My local paper, can be found at has lots of news about this. Looks like some preplanning as he gave away all his stuff to his neighbors-and he actually had very little, not even a computer. So could be that the person on line and the major are not one and the same. 13 dead so far. The sgt(wife of an Army SSGT)who took the guy down did a great job. As usual the national MSM has been doing a really shitty job. piss poor reporting along with lots of just plain BS. He had a 7.4 mm "fully auto" handgun with a 20 round mag. No he had a ".357 caliber magnum" IDIOTS. just as bad as all these young kid "reporters" who now have a brand new nickname for our soldiers. "Joes" I think I'll just.. I don't know what, been ragin against that fuckin nickname since I first came across it about a month ago in a story about our boys in A'stan.

  7. suzan. The 100+ soldiers who happened to be there and saw who was doing the shooting, are IYO all wrong?
    Then we have the lady Army cop-civilian-and her partner who got into a gun battle with an unarmed man? And who was shot during the shootout with(in your opinion, an unarmed man). Holy suspension of reality there suzan.
    Too many witnesses, to many trained soldiers(who BTW, ran towards the sound of shooting rather than away from it) actually saw who had the guns. Sure there is little hard info to go on right now and I fully agree that the national MSM is doing a really great job of repeating rumors and other BS, but my local MSM-check for local coverage-is doing, IMO, a pretty credible job. Now the why he did it will be discovered after he is questioned. The plain fact is the guy has been in the Army since age 18, he is now 39. Born in US of muslim parents. Army paid for his college, then sent him to medical school. He has never served outside US. Fort Hood is his first assignment ever outside of WaDC Walter Reed Army Hospital. I have no idea why he flipped, nor does anyone else, but to claim he was not the shooter is IMPO fantasyland. You have the opinion that all soldiers lie. And it sounds like you also have the opinion that all cops lie. You have that right, just as I have the right to disagree with you. But you and larue thinking that he is being harassed due to his arabic background and religion. Well, I spent 12 years in the Army, from 1968 to 1980(and my son has been in since 1997 and he is now stationed at Ft Hood, there are quite a few arabic soldiers,[about 12K Army wide]and officers along with asian, latino and AA among the 56,000 soldiers assigned to the post)(There was no discrimination of AAs when I was in service, and now, just like back then, everyone sees green, not any other color. Under orders from all NCOs and officers. Not doing so is against both policy and orders, punishment does result if that happens) when I got out on 100% disability and I will say this. No enlisted person would ever do anything like that to an officer and no officer would do that because officers are watched by their seniors and if they do shit like that they will not get promoted. Military people are professional. Mistakes can be made-blue on blue shooting-Tillman-but that was a command problem, the officer on site fucked up when he divided his force, Tillman was the result. There quite simply was no massive conspiracy. Now a coverup of the blue on blue shooting. Yep. sure was. And while I do not agree with it, I can see why the officer corps did it. My position on the Iraq war is that it was wrong, never should have been fought. Afghanistan, OTOH, was a good war, fought for an excellent reason. HOWEVER, mission creep and backing a criminal as puppet president changes things. Pakistan is the problem, the place where we should be fighting now. The Afghans have defeated every invader for all of recorded history, we are no different. We should declare victory and move on.

  8. timr,

    a powerful argument and well said.

    Thanks fer stopping by and adding yer .02.

  9. tsisageya6:07 PM

    Let's start with the fucking Pentagon.

    No truer words have ever been spoken, I believe.

  10. tsisageya6:38 PM

    such as the beheading of Richard Pearl

    ...I only wish.

    I believe it's Daniel Pearl to whom you are referring.