Saturday, August 01, 2009

Because I Am A Bad Boy,

I like to share the good stuff.
I actually met Vince Neil once at the races, he was dabbling in open wheel racing and had TWO fucking hotties on his arms. Got his fuckin' autograph too.
Nice guy, seriously. It took me five years but I finally trapped Mario Andretti, literally, and got his, A.J. Foyt is a nice guy too, just don't piss him off. He is my fucking Hero.
I can remember watching him race at Daytona when I was four years old.


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I can relate. I got autographs from two of my heroes - Phil Hill and Jim Hall - at the historics at Elkhart Lake a few years ago. Got to shake the hand of both, too. Never got to see the Can Am cars originally, but the historics are pretty neat too, if not as intense as when they were for real. . .

  2. Earlier this month, I showed up to work in the usual daze that I am. Got ready to go, make the copies, smile for the folks, do all the shit you have to do to make a buck in retail.

    As I was clocking in, the whole store started to rumble and shake. In my daze, I thought 'earthquake, great! another fucking earthquake'.

    Nope, it was the FedEx car from the NASCAR circuit on a publicity trip around the country to give folks a look-see.

    Mo Fo is loud as hell. They started it up for the dozens of guys gathered in the parking lot. I haven't seen a crowd reaction like that outside of a strip club.

    They jokingly asked for volunteers to back it into the semi for the journey out. You could see the drool forming on the pavement.

    It made quite an impression on folks.