Friday, March 16, 2012


As anyone who has ever stopped by here knows, I can be a bit of a dick.
In real life, I am a nice fucking guy, you would be amazed, seriously.

This is my outlet for what goes through my head while I am some times gritting my teeth while being such a nice guy.

On this particular subject, the Republicans concerted effort to use their political power to turn back the clock back before the turn of the century concerning women's rights and especially women's reproductive rights, has caused me to blow a fuse for the language filter and I will start with a huge neon sign, FUCK YOU!!

That being said, I would like to say that if it weren't for women, none of these crazy fucks would be here.

Ya can't help it.

I do believe in evolution and if Frothy Mixture had been born on the West Coast, I can assure you, he would have a different outlook on life.

It seems there are some backwards motherfuckers back East and y'all need to get out the butterfly nets.
Thank goodness, The Mormon decided he has no use for Oregon and cancelled an appearance at a debate here.

Good, fuck head.

This fucking bullshit about Republicans passing laws that declare any woman wanting an abortion having to have an invasive procedure is so off the fucking charts I am wondering if the contrails in the sky might have fucked them up up big time.

Let me be clear here.
No one, and I mean NO ONE, has the fucking authority to legislate personal body invasions for any medical procedure, PERIOD.

In case you don't quite understand what I mean, if you try and pass a law that says I have to have some state sanctioned asshole stick his finger up my ass so I can get condoms, said state sanctioned asshole is going to be in need of some serious dental work, I could give a fuck what law you pass.

I break the fucking law every Goddamned day, watch me.

This wedge issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the current run for President has gotten so fucking far out of hand, I want to get my hands around someones throat.

I have had enough of you ignorant cocksuckers.

You are so adamant about your religion being such an integral part of your publicly political message and doing your damndest to shove it down the throats of everyone in this country because you happen to have a majority of your crazy motherfucking idiot, backwards assed, stupid sonsabitch,creationist Bible Thumping jack ass porn watching fellows yanking the levers of power , you are about to find out what the word Backlash means.

That's right, morons, backlash.

I Highly doubt that any of you are good at Math.

You know,that two plus two thing.

Knowingly pissing off half the population of this country, besides the rest of the world watching you do it, is precisely like the old saying of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

You people are so fucking stupid I would feel sorry for you and donate my pocket change to help someone figure out just what the fuck is wrong with you so we could fund a medical cure for your sorry asses, if it were possible.

Alas, it seems to be out of reach of current medical science, other than euthanasia.

The sun does not orbit a flat earth and yes, the reason there are so many people like you are on the planet is a physical condition involving chemical sequences called hormones, you are not exclusive to this club and your mother is no exception either.

You are, however, exclusive to having been blessed without a few key chemical sequences that involving the development of the human brain, especially the ones crucial to something called abstract thinking.

I actually feel sorry for you because you have no sense of adventure, need rigid guidelines to rule your everyday lives, have to have the same routine every fucking day and it makes me wonder if there is not yet some clinically undiagnosed relation to your thought process and autism.

Before anyone jumps my ass about that last comment, I have a 28 year old autistic boy now and I can certainly see the similarities.

In short, get your fucking Holier than thou, women are subject to my whims bullshit out of our public discourse, get the fuck with the program that we, the people, need to get back to work, quit obstructing every Goddamn thing to prove how "pure" you are and while you are at it, grow the fuck up and when ever you crazy fucks decide this is a great wedge issue in the future, stay the fuck out of my wife's pussy, the guy two states away's daughters pussy, her friends pussy and everyone else who happens to be of the gentler sexes reproductive parts, forever.
Else you will soon see a huge void in your voting results.
Those being not in your favor.

You might also experience some side effects, such as burnt toast for breakfast, no fucking breakfast or dinner and a sudden surge of that dreaded Hawaiian disease, commonly known as "LackAnookie".

Of course, that will just be the one thing to push you over the edge, again.
Burnt toast is just beyond the pale from your female indentured servant.

You will have to get a bigger wrench to super tighten her chastity belt and show her who is boss.


  1. Well said. What realy gets me is, I'm sure these shit for brains are only playing to the polls. That can only mean that a large part of the population also have shit for brains.
    You're right, the rest of the world IS watching. In my little corner of it, we think your country is fucked.

  2. Muddome, they aren't playing to the polls, the polls say that over 75% of Americans thinks these laws are batshit crazy. They're playing to the other 25% -- the Republican base, who decide who gets nominated as a Republican candidate. Your problem is that you think the United States has a democracy. It doesn't -- things have been gerrymandered out of control for so many years that in many states a blue tick hound could be elected to office if he happened to have that magic (R) by his name. All you have to do is make the (D) districts be 99%(D), create lots of 51%(R) 49%(D) districts in the remainder, and presto -- the minority gets the majority of districts in the state legislature. And all it takes is a few D's on the redistricting committee who want to preserve their own districts and are willing to toss the rest of the D's under the bus to make this happen...

  3. BadTux,
    It's the (R)party polls I was referring to. When it becomes the general election, I'm sure they will focus on apealling to some other lowest common denominator. Fear is always a good motivator.

  4. Hey Ornery, tell us what you really think! STop beating around the bush... spit it out.

    Actually, I was nodding my head as I read your rant. Well said, and 'bout time.

  5. Anonymous7:22 PM

    That was word x's infinity. You knocked that shit out of the park Ornery. I can tell you even Fidel Castro thinks they are out of fucking control if that means anything.

  6. And it just gets crazier and crazier the closer we get to the next election. My guess is that the country will be almost aflame by the Rethug Convention, and that someone will try to light it, thinking that will push them over the line for the general.

    These are perilous times.

    And past time for stable, intelligent people to get involved.


    Love ya,


  7. someone will try to light it,

    I worry about someone doing a JFK on Obama between now and then. Given the crazy-ass rhetoric out there, you gotta worry. Just look at what happened when that crazy-ass cracker blew off MLK Jr.'s head, there were riots all over the country and it elected Richard Nixon. Crazy shit, yo.

  8. I am afraid for all women right now. It's suprising no one has not tried to assassinate Obama. I live in a heavily predominant place. The people are scary in their attitudes. When they talk about the issues, the Bible is all that matters. In Alabama, the Bible fits every conversation.