Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ask Me My Facebook password at an Employment interview, I fucking Dare ya .

Ballsy mother fuckers, get a fucking clue.
All I have to say to you,the truth.

I don't have a Facebook account.

If you want to ask me about my internet habits, it's another Fuck you, I don't have any.
Y'all are crossing the line by asking and I will be Goddamed if I am going to give you a fucking thing.
Not my Email address, not the name of my Blog, it doesn't exist and if I know how to use a computer, yes, I do.

None of your fucking business what I do.
It still pisses me off to no end that I have to be subjected to random drug testing thanks to Saint Ronny and his fucked up Supreme court telling me I can expect to have limited expectations of freedom because I work in an industry that has to do with public transportation.

This horseshit of asking to go around and demand to peruse your social life on the internet is a direct violation of my fourth amendment and sixth amendment rights.

The fucking cocksuckers who think they can do this because it is a private business can find the business end of my dick at the business end of where they swallow.

If I can perform the duties required to accomplish the needs of your business at the required time, on time, put up with the usual bullshit of inter office politics and do it safely and still not choke the living shit out of the inevitable corporate suck up should be enough for you.

I keep seeing people say they have to because they need the work to feed their family.

Feeding your family is paramount, handing over your soul to do it is beyond the pale.

These fucking people should be excoriated publicly at every opportunity and humiliated for thinking that they own the impunity to have the ability to hire and fire someone for their personal thoughts that have absolutely nothing to do with job performance.

I see Facebook just went after said assholes
, like Facebook means shit to me but good for them.
I kept getting Emails about some fucking Farmville thing too.

WTF? I know what it is but forty and fifty year old friends sending me emails for that shit was kind of creepy.
Naked wimmins I can deal with but I could give a shit if your imaginary turnip farm needs me to send you a truck load of imaginary cow shit.


I'm telling ya, this country has gone socially retarded at light speed in the last ten years.
Then, we can talk politics...
Invasive vaginal radiation pictures being mandatory if a lady wants to terminate a pregnancy by some indeterminate fucking physician who probably has more patients with more medically pressing needs and who is trying to deal with the already outrageous demands of the insane clown posse of the Republican parties blitzkrieg Medical kamikaze progrom on Medicaid.
I'm telling ya, their are several republicans, who were elected by a majority of ignorant motherfuckers who need a serious elbow to the jaw.

Beyond ridiculous some of the shit I see every day.


  1. This is th slippery slope we've gone down greased by the lard-ass Republicans as they seek to allow employers to know what you do in your private time. Because after all the company is paying you with their money so they get a say in how you use it.

    No Facebook
    No Sexy time ...slut...
    No beer

    Neo-Feudal Corporate Dominance of the US. Here we come!

  2. I guess we are two of the last Facebook holdouts.

    Never took a piss test -ever. Was fingerprinted for a job once, quit after two weeks and vowed to never be so weak again.

  3. facebook is for children but watch and see that employers will "think you are hiding something" if you tell them you don't use facebook.

  4. Fucke shittebooke. I have a fucken account under my real name, just so I can be a member of a group for my high-school graduating class, but I have never, ever posted a single goddamn word or picture and I don't have a single goddamn "friend". Fucke faceshitte and fucke farmville (which I don't even know what the fucken fucke it is, but if itte's on faceshitte, then fucke itte, too).

  5. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I don't have Facebook either. But, I did think it might be fun to play psy-ops with these sorts of fuckers. If I was hunting work, I might consider making an account and just totally fill it with fluffy-assed misinformation.

    The least I could do is rot their teeth right out of their in-my-business heads, right?

  6. They're all good, but I'm nominating this one for a f*cking Pulitzer!

    Rock on, B.

    We're right behind you.


    P.S. As a software ex-guru, I downloaded the Facebook beta/first version just to scope out their programming expertise.

    Phew! I got rid of it and only reinstituted a fake one so my daughter didn't have a cow that I wasn't "checking" her FB to see where she was or what she was doing.

    Right. Got rid of it pronto, too.

    Anyone with a FB account is inviting spying into your private life.

    Exhibitionists, on your mark!

  7. Mary Mac9:38 PM

    Just one more upside to being self employed.