Saturday, March 03, 2012

Bye Bye Rush

The rotten fucker finally stepped on his tiny little dick.

I have been waiting for this for years now.

Calling a young woman who had the temerity to speak out about birth control a slut on his national radio broadcast show just blew up in his face.
Advertisers are bailing out
and he even went so far as to give a quasi apology.

I want him to have so much time on his hands that he and Glenn Beck can spend the rest of their lives reliving the phantom good old days in a very deep and very dark cave in a tsunami zone.
Hell, I will be charitable and throw in a fucking soccer ball to mediate their occasional disagreements.
I will call it Obama....

The time has come to finally rid ourselves of this poisonous fucknugget.


  1. What made it even easier for Rush to step on his tiny little dick were his very short legs.

  2. I would like to ask a question and hopefully without you going off the deep end.
    Just who do you actually like? And just exactly what do you espouse?

  3. This guy has a drug habit and four divorces. Which really makes me wonder what was wrong w/the women who married him? The sad part is that Beck and Rush have an audience of douchebags that will still be listening to them. Ugh.

  4. Ellen I like Bernie Sanders for one.
    He fights for the little guy and fairness.

    I am pretty much a liberal progressive with some Libertarian leanings.
    Live and let live.
    What I don't do is shove religion down anyone's throat, tell women what they can and can't do with their own bodies or espouse violence as a viable method of political discourse.
    I do not shrink from violence when threatened and I don't take shit from anyone either.

  5. Is Lardbutt still on Armed Forces radio? This would be a good time to get rid of that shit.