Friday, March 30, 2012


My, how time flies, like the foam flecked spittle that sprays from my fingertips.

Driftglass is celebrating his seventh, as is Blue Girl over at They Gave Us A Republic.

As for me, I can't hardly believe I have been hurling invectives and cuss words that hadn't been invented yet for six years now.

That is quite the mile stone in Blogging.

Way back when Stupie McFuckwit and his minions were busy doing their best to destroy this country from within and I was strangling on my rage, I found the perfect outlet and here I am still.

Oh, I haven't forgotten those rotten motherfuckers by any means and the fact that their cohorts that are in office now are still just as hell bent as ever to drag us all back to the eleventh century hasn't escaped me.

So, I guess I'll just hang around for a while and continue venting my spleen at whatever crazy shit happens to cause the bile to rise in my throat on any particular day.
There seems to be and endless supply of both.

Thank you one and all for taking the time to drop by and even more so for leaving your comments.
Also, a special thanks to all my internet pals and those kind enough to put up a link to my little rant hole over the years.



  1. shit -- i forgot mine which was on st patty's day... 6 years same as you dood...

    happy blogiversary busted *smooches even*

  2. StonyPillow5:02 AM

    Congratulations, good sir. This work seems to agree with your spleen. And it's good for mine to see an honest working man take a two-by-four to the clowns every so often.

  3. We always need a place to vent.

  4. You are always an inspiration, congratulations on your anniversary, may there be many more.

  5. N00b.

    I've been at it for almost eight.

    (Happy blogiversary, buddy!)

  6. HIppo birdies two blogewes to youse Busted! 6 years . . . that's four fingers of some good single malt or Single Barrel Whiskey. ;-)