Thursday, March 01, 2012

Another Battle Won.

HA! dirty motherfucker.

I want to hunt down and strangle the idiot cock sucker who had this fucking car before me.
Gotta, and I do mean gotta, be a fucking Crack head.

I have been fighting a severe oil leak since I got the damn thing.
Severe as in puddles under the front of the car, in my parents garage.

That shit don't fly.

I took it to my friends transmission repair shop to have a new starter put in it, that I fucked up and to chase down two leaks, one was transmission fluid and the other one was that nasty fucking oil leak.

He put it on the hoist and cleaned everything up, then had to use a crows foot socket wrench to get the transmission cooler lines off to remove the starter.
he also changed a little seal on the side of tranny where the shift linkage hooks up.

Starter in, good, fucked up ring gear, bad.

Dude only charged me forty bucks and wouldn't take the extra twenty I wanted to give him.

There will be some drinks bought later.

It works and sometime down the road, I will have him yank the transmission, this guy is GOOD he can haul that thing out in a half hour, have him throw another flex plate at it and call it good.

In the mean time, he fired it up after climbing a ladder because it was on the hoist and leak hunting we went.

I know it is at the front of the motor somewhere.
Got the flashlight out and started watching.
After about a minute, I see smoke coming out of the left front of the engine!!

Looking a little closer and being mindful of the fan spinning at a high rate of speed real near to where I am looking and I see smoke coming out of a empty bolt hole.
An empty bolt hole?
Sure as shit.
There is a bolt that is supposed to go in that hole hole on Chevy 350's that when changing the fuel pump, which is operated by a large push rod off the cam, that you can remove and thread in a two inch long bolt to hold that push rod in place so it doesn't fall out on the fucking floor, which they are prone to do. I learned this the hard way after pushing a 66 Chevy pick up across two lanes of traffic and half way up a driveway by myself in a hundred and four degree weather, by myself, at a whopping one hundred twenty five pounds.

That bolt was missing and oil was flowing out of it like an Arabian Princes dream.
One new starter, one used bolt and some skookem' putty to make double sure the motherfucker doesn't leak any more and life is good.
Two down, several more issues to deal with but I AM kicking this things ass, finally.
Stay tuned and,

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    OK, weird flashback. I'm an amateur car person so instead of motors, why am I getting flashes of "The Six Million Dollar Man"?
    We can make it better than it was, better,stronger, faster!LMAO

  2. Anonymous5:11 AM

    It was my car. Could not fix it so I got it out of Texas. Good Luck

  3. A bolt?? Used to use a finger and if the motor was hot it was a bitch. If it was cold a bit of grease would hold it up long enough.

    This Astro I bought needed a tail shaft bushing and put in a new seal too. It was easy but I just noticed it's leaking. Shit!

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  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Some of the biggest headaches I've had dealing with cars is trying to figure out what some previous owner did-and what sort of drugs they were on when they did it.

  6. backscuttler5:45 PM

    Congrats on the fix. Bob will catch the tranny and seal problem and you can return to the wiring mess at your leisure...

  7. The AMC/Jeep I6 engine has a similar setup for pushing in a long rod to hold the lifters up when you're changing out the camshaft, which lets you change out the camshaft without having to pull the oil pan and catch the #$%@!!@ lifters as they fall out of their bore. Apparently left over from the old AMC 225 I6 where AMC thought they'd have a market for hot cams and thoughtfully provided a way to do it without fuss and muss. But anyhow, a friend's Jeep had the same problem, a mysterious oil leak, and the same solution -- put that #$%@! bolt back in. I love it, the best-laid plans of automotive engineers defeated by fucking *MORONS* who don't question why they got an extra goddamned bolt on their garage floor once they're done putting the engine back together!

  8. Great story!

    N you ain't winnin nottin . . . what's next?

    Does this thing have Bates or Lucas electrics by any chance? lol

    Might as well have . . *G*

  9. It sure is awsome to be able to fix shit yourself. Vehicles cetainly are not one of those things (I'm getting better) for me but I'm building up plenty of other skills.