Monday, March 19, 2012

Y'all need to speak English

Santorum has to be the most tone deaf motherfucker I have ever seen.

That is what he said out loud to the people of Puerto Rico.
Ninety percent of whom speak Spanish exclusively.

He was trying to dangle the carrot of them becoming the 51'st state and stuck his foot in his mouth clear to the knee. His campaign manager there up and walked away and had to be replaced with an aging, retired, Baseball player.

No surprise then that the other fucking tone deaf motherfucker walked away with all their delegates, even though they can't vote in the primary in November.

I am telling ya, this is turning into a Tee Vee series that rivals I love Lucy .

Romney skated away with all twenty delegate votes and now Frothy is getting seriously close to him being impossible to win the nomination and Newticles might as well go back to Georgia and get back to charging way too much money for speaking engagements.
Like I would waste a perfectly good dime and throw a pop bottle at his fat ass.

I told you last year that the Mormon was going to be the nominee and I am right.
He doesn't have a chance come November because the South isn't going to back him and as much fucking money that he has is already pretty much gone.
Super PACs, Koch Brothers, those notorious Corporate " people" not withstanding, the guy is fucking toast.

Kudos for stimulating the economy though.


Oh, by the way Frothy?

Nice try with the strident speeches about how porno is going to kill this country, all I can say is you are getting wound so fucking tight your eyes are starting to bulge.

Now that the republican nomination process has to move out of the South and into places where there are actually folks that can think for themselves, you might as well walk into a brick wall.

I noticed Romney declined to appear at a scheduled debate across the river in Portland.

He might actually have someone on his staff that isn't completely stupid.

The West Coast is Blue from Mexico to Canada.

No need to waste your campaign funds around here.

I don't have to deal with fucked up traffic either.

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  1. Hey, busted ya dumb ass that's American! Those foreigners in PR need to learn to speaks good American!