Friday, March 23, 2012

I Loves My Wife.

We just had a short exchange, "I love you"," I love you too." she says

I look at you when you aren't paying attention, she says the same thing back.

Fucking stalker.
She even gets in my under wear drawer without my knowledge.
Guys go to jail for that shit.

I do have to admit my under wear is clean and all my socks match now.
She makes the bed every day and makes sure my narrow ass is fed on a regular basis too.
Clean towels and having to actually brush my teeth every morning are rituals I am getting used to.

She is a good woman and I am a damn lucky motherfucker she puts up with my ass.
She says don't ever forget it either.

She even laughed when I told her what I was posting and said "I don't give a shit".
It doesn't get better than that.
I think maybe I have met my match, God forbid that there are two of us.

Be very afraid.


  1. Sounds like you landed your ass in a tub of butter with this woman. Be good and don't mess it up.

  2. Yeah, what montag said. You love it and you know it. PWhipped into a modicum of sensibility to care about yer own damned personal grooming and health.

    Happened to me, too, 28 years ago this June.


    Yer just a bit slow on the uptake that's all I guess.