Wednesday, March 07, 2012

35 And Counting

According to Think Progress, Rush Limbaugh has lost 35 advertisers so far after he called Ms. Luke a slut and a prostitute repeatedly last week.
I especially like this one;

"It has come to our attention that a handful of local radio stations may have played jcpenney radio spots adjacent to or during The Rush Limbaugh Show. To be clear, jcpenney is not a national advertiser of this show. We have a strict “No Run” policy in place specifically regarding The Rush Limbaugh Show.
After jcpenney confirms the facts, we will contact any local radio station that is in violation of our radio advertising parameters to ensure that our “No Run” policy is adhered to regarding this program." (via Facebook:

Somebody is going to get fired for that.
Ol' JC been around a while.

I have no illusions that That fat fucking asshole is going to be taken off the air anytime soon but it is costing his employers money now and that is what they look at.

Of course, I never dreamed Glenn Beck would get starved out either but it really happened.

Keep up the pressure, I SOOOO want to see his fat hateful ass get thrown off of our Armed Forces Radio so bad I am fucking salivating.


  1. Yeah, it pisses me off past words that the AFN plays this misogynistic fart-waffle's shit for the troops. I mean, holy shit, can you say "rape culture warrior" any fucking louder??

    I kind of hope he will land on his ass in a gutter ala Imus. I know, my silly inner optimist drooling in her morning coffee.

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Right on Dude. Fuck free speech. Cut off his head just like they do in Iran. Fuck the Constitution. Send his ass to a death camp. Put his family in jail. Fat ass Rush doesn't have the right to insult other people.

    Praise Dear Leader Obama

    -Ben Dover

  3. It's my understanding that Rush owns the show and is therefore self employed. He will if enough sponsors leave then have to pull the plug himself. How fitting an end.

  4. Tennessee Jed11:04 AM

    Read it...and weep.

  5. White House has a petition to drop His Fatassness from AFN. Sign up to sign on required but WTF.!/petition/sec-panetta-get-rush-limbaugh-armed-forces-radio-now-no-tax-money-abusive-divisive-insulting/p439GWMm