Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1984 Rules the World

Forget thought crime, this shit is getting serious, welcome to the future.
It's not bad enough the State can cruise through a parking lot and scan every license plate at fifteen miles an hour, or fifty, for that matter.

It's not bad enough that there are traffic camera's every where you turn, Arizona has them every half fucking mile in the middle of the fucking desert, Britain has them in bars where it is now Verbotten to wear a fucking hat or sun glasses because they demand to positively identify you sipping a motherfucking beer,they went so far as to outlaw real glass beer containers and real metal knives and forks two years ago in bars.
Now, George Orwell should be spinning about two thousand RPM in his grave, they took that concept and ran hard.

Now get this.

I can see prohibition Moonshiners circa two thousand fucking thirteen making a mint in Jolly Old England next year.


If you try to put gasoline in your car, at say, eight fucking dollars a gallon and the pump is connected to Big Brother, if you don't have car insurance, they will shut the pump off remotely.

I suppose some burly dudes in a big box van with machine guns won't be far behind to throw you on the ground to help you separate your shoulder with a knee in your neck and your elbow somewhere between you and the moon.

No fuel for you, ya piece of shit that is trying to get to work,a hospital,or God Forbid, an appointment with the motherfucking government.

Look for this to come to a fucking gas station near you soon.

When I was a kid, they gave you laundry soap, dishes, glasses or Green Stamps for doing business with them and checked your oil, cleaned your windshield and checked the air pressure in your tires just for doing business with them instead of the guy down the street. Now they are going to call the STASI on ya without lifting a finger.

Papers, Citizen?


  1. FUCKING GOOGLE!!! Quit eatin' my comments ya douchebags!!! Shit, 3 times I tried to post a fuckin' comment!

  2. Patience, Wheedhopper.....


  3. We needs a gigantomongous solar flare thingie to wipe clean the electromagnetosphere of license plate pics, etc. That'll fix 'em!!

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Not only do I hate those fucking speed traps, I don't agree with the whole "big brother" mentality of the government anyways! IMHO, those fucking cameras are both unconstitutional and unfair, especially if you get nabbed due to a faulty setup. So if you simply can't afford that bullshit ticket, you can always try this. It makes your license plate Invisible to red light and speed cameras. As an added bonus, the cops just hate it.. which makes it even better! Check it out