Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What A Surprise

Oh yeah, I have been fucked over by some of these assholes before, I finally got wise to their shit though.
Nice to see some of them finally getting some of their own back makes me very happy.
Apparently robo-signing might not be a practice reserved solely for the foreclosure crisis.
West Virgnia's attorney general is suing two units of a debt collection company, Encore Capital Group, alleging that they robo-signed affidavits when they were trying to get default judgments against West Virginia borrowers, according to Bloomberg. For their part, Encore officials said that the lawsuit came as a "surprise," according to the West Virginia Record.

As the economic downturn pushed more Americans deeper into debt, the debt collection industry has boomed, and the sector is coming under increased scrutiny. Consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission about debt collectors rose 17 percent in 2010, according to USA Today. The agency last year filed a complaint against another debt collection company, this one based in California, alleging it used aggressive tactics to get borrowers to pay up -- even when they didn't owe any money.

Yeah, these fuckers need to be fined out of existence and spend a few years talking to someone named Bubba, nightly.


  1. One way to get them off them phone is to ask for a cup size. It turns the nasty into the offended very quckly.
    Questioning a male about his masculinity works also. Not quite a well though.

  2. I had one once, a real arrogant prick who tried to shake me down for a couple hundred bucks I didn't owe. I hung up on him a couple times and then he calls again and I tell him "if you think I owe you anything, sue me. We'll take it up with a judge." He didn't call for a week and then one day he calls and says "this is your last chance. Get your checkbook out." I told him "dude, this is your last chance. I have caller ID and I know where you are. If you call me again, I'm gonna come there, kill everyone in the building, and then burn it to the ground. Your choice." It's been 5 years and I haven't heard from him since.

  3. The thing that pisses me off is that the law actually *protects* them, and keeps the FTC *or* a judge from imposing fines sufficient to put these scumbags out of business. Yes, the law PROHIBITS the FTC or judges from imposing fines sufficient to put the scumbags out of business.

    Fixer, the latest scam is that they report a false caller ID. If you call the number back, you get nothing. According to my sources, they've outsourced to Filipino call centers which then use a VoIP vendor to originate the calls from a rotating set of phone numbers that are associated with no physical address (just an incoming IP address from overseas). This is of course illegal as hell, but the VoIP companies don't care because it's profit for them, and you can't trace it back through the Filipinos to find who hired them because they are, duh, in the Philippines and you'd need to juice some bureaucrats to get that info.

    Grr. Scumbags. At least I can add these scumbags to my kill list if they spam me via email. My phone, however, is a different story, the phone companies smugly refuse to let you create white lists and kill lists for phone numbers allowed to contact your phone number.

  4. Tux, my sister in law gave these fuckers my work cell phone number. After several skirmishes with the fuckers, I started getting phone calls with the phone number being 000-000-0000.

    Major ignore followed suit.