Wednesday, October 07, 2009

About That Afghanistan Thing

I am hearing lots of bitching about our little excursion into No Mans Land.

I want you all to remember a few things.
If I recall correctly, we invaded Afghanistan in retaliation for the attack on the Twin Towers by a bunch of guys from Saudi Arabia.
The excuse given was that Osama Bin Laden was the Mastermind behind that attack,the day after that, then President Bush had every relative of that sonofabitch escorted to the airports that were closed and had them flown ouit of the country.
Then, as I recall, after we sent our military to Afghanistan to find said Mastermind, all of a sudden we were trick fucked into invading Iraq.
With me so far?
I won't go into the history of other countries trying to take Afghanistan by force, my buddy Fixer does a good job of that.

Now then, eight years later, Billions of dollars and lots of dead wedding guests later, what do we have?

About ten "Number Two Al Queda Commanders" dead, not to mention above wedding guests, several hundred of our Brothers and Sisters and a complete fucking mess.
Now remember this,
one of our highly trained warrior specialists actually had Osama Bin Laden in the cross hairs of his sniper rifle, called Command for permission to pull the trigger and blow that motherfuckers head off and was denied permission by one fucking guy.

That one fucking guy was George W. Bush, the President of the United States of America.
That same, Bring It On, Dead Or Alive , Mission Accomplished, guy.

This conflict could have been stopped in it's tracks years ago except for that.

We are apparently going to keep throwing money WE DON"T HAVE
at a problem that could have been taken care of with two fucking words, years ago, DO It.

Perpetual War seems to be what our government is relying on to keep the money flowing, I would be remiss in not pointing out that NINE BILLION DOLLARS went missing in Iraq under George W. Bush.

This is going to end badly and a lot of people are going to wind up prematurely dead because of one man .

Rot in Hell you sonofabitch, George W. Bush.

, my bad, it wasn't our guy, it was a Frenchman, twice.

2003-2004: US Allegedly Twice Denies French Special Forces Permission to Assassinate Bin Laden

French special forces soldiers later interviewed for a documentary film will claim that they had Osama bin Laden in their sights once in 2003 and once in 2004 but were never given the go-ahead to fire from their US superiors. One French soldier says, “In 2003 and 2004 we had bin Laden in our sights. The sniper said ‘I have bin Laden’.” It then reportedly takes two hours for the request to shoot to reach US officers who could authorize it, but the French soldier says, “There was a hesitation in command,” and the authorization never came. Four French soldiers are interviewed who back up this claim, but a French military spokesperson denies it. France has roughly 200 elite troops operating under US command near Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan at the time. [Reuters, 12/19/2006; CBC News,

My emphasis.

They can deny it all they want, it would take a maximum of four calls to get to POTUS with something like that. One from the sniper to his commanding officer, that man to the US commanding officer of the region ,his to his top commander and him to POTUS. "A hesitation in command", Potus is the one in command and getting Bin Laden would have been a huge feather in his cap.

Tell me that twice Bush never got the message.


  1. they are all fucking crazy. they have no answers except 4 more wars. If Obama came out and said 100k troop to Afghanistan, Republicans would cry he is wasting our troops. traitorous fucks!

  2. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I thought it was Bill Clinton who had stopped that sniper from taking out OBL, but I may be mistaken. Supposedly done BEFORE 9/11/01, while US was bombing camps and (reportedly) an aspirin factory.

    Either way, the POTUS who stopped that trigger pull sure wasn't doing us any favors.

  3. Ummm hello? Who the fuck is POTUS now? That would be your boy Obama. I ain't seeing him pull the plug on this fucking train wreck.


  4. I never heard this story about the sniper who had bin Laden in his crosshairs. Do you have a link to that story? I'm a former SEAL sniper myself so I hope you can forgive my professional interest in this matter.

  5. I updated the post.

  6. Slick Willie did the same shit. I say fuck it all, fuck the world, bring ALL our troops home, close EVERY foreign base, and let everyone else fend for themselves. Fuck 'em, they don't like us anyways, even though we keep 'em from being invaded by the "Hun of the Week". See how long they last on their own. Fuck Bin Laden, I think he was worm food years ago myself....