Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nicely Done

I had my neighbor put some heavy duty shelves in a closet by my built in refrigerator that I wasn't using.
He did a fantastic job, 3/4 inch plywood.

When I get home tonight, I am going to fill those suckers up with canned goods that I bought the other day when I had a run away.
I had an unexpected windfall and went out and bought a ton of long term storage foods.
I had just enough left over for the shelves to be done.

I am a much happier guy now.

Winter is fast approaching and I have a couple of projects that I put off and I need to get those done.

I need to get a couple more propane tanks and have them filled too.
I ran out last winter in the middle of a blizzard and I have no wish to repeat that experience.

When I had the neighbor tear out the nasty hide a bed, I kept the mattress, it looked like it had never been used.
I asked him to help me take the old mattress off my bed so I could replace it.
I was going to throw it away but he wanted it for his kid to sleep on when he showed up.

Jesus Christ what a project!
Try getting a Queen sized mattress out of the nose of a fifth wheel, through a fucking door that is twenty four inches wide, then repeat this feat in reverse to put it in his place.

Oh my aching back.My shoulder too.

Heavy bastard, with nothing to grab a hold of.
But, it's progress.
Now I have to go put everything back that got knocked down in the struggle, when ya walk in and turn to go to the bedroom area, it looks like a hurricane went through the joint.

I hate housework but I gotta get off my ass and get it done.

Went and did five loads of laundry last night too.
Now that I think about it, it's no wonder I am so damn tired.

Oh well, no rest for the wicked.



  1. I feel yer pain on the matress thing, helped Dad swap his out in his 5'er. Congrats on scoring some grub, always is a nice feeling seeing that stuff around...

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I slept a whole year on a 4" thick open foam mattress on the floor when I was in college and didn't miss the bed AT ALL. Well, kinda of a bitch having to roll UP onto me knees to walk away, but that mattress was comfortable and could be rolled up into a 42" wide x 24" thick package and moved easily by a single person. If you need the height, a layer of plywood on top of 5 or 6 gallon buckets (hey, More Storage - get about 5 rows of 4 stacks of those buckets) under the plywood would do fine.

  3. 5 loads? why, busted, i bet you can see the floor (said all innocently with eyelashes fluttering)

  4. DID YOU SEE SUZANNE FLUTTER HER EYELASHES? WAHOO, BUDDY YOU GOT HER RIGHT WHERE YA WANT HER! What happen, ya give up on the 5 gallon bucket washing machine in the back of the beast?

    I have taken mattresses out and into RV's and KNOW what yer talkin' about. If you are NOT old when you start, it WILL make ya feel old by the time ya finish!

    You're a survivor and inspiration. Keep on keepin' on!