Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joe Liebermans Entire Political Career In Under Two Minutes.

He is so blissfully unaware, grazing on the largess from his wife and Big Pharma, he decides to put his head down and vote with the Republicans against a Public Option.

Harry Reid, pay attention, this is your fate too.

Have some of this for a re election total, here ya go, this is what is going to happen to ya the next time ya run for office.
Ned Lamont is going to own you.

Independent Democrat, my ass.

Joe Lieberman is the worst backstabbing, Prima Donna,Attention Whore since Arlen Specter I have ever seen and some sonofabitch with a Shelalie needs to have a short conversation with that asshole.

Yeah, a two by four of enlightenment will do.

Get the Hell out of our National Discourse, this ain't High School,it ain't 19 freaking 47, Arlen, and it ain't 19 freaking damn 57 , You little weasel Lieberman.
It is 2009 and you can both kiss my Liberal ass for not having an ounce of morals or self respect.
Jesus Christ, I was born in 1960. Get the fuck out.
Go use that sweet deal of tax payer medical you don't want anyone else to have and go the fuck away, forever.

Being a bought and paid for, a couple of party swapping, old fucking bastards with no compunction except for staying in power and flat out embarrassing any one that knows ya while ya do it is flat out a reason to haul yer asses out of office and spread tuna fish on ya.
Jesus Christ, you bastards,ya can't even figure out how to set an alarm clock and yer Grand kids run away from ya at Christmas.

Old, bought, whores, both of ya.

Get the Hell out before some one under sixty decides to put you in a home.

One that you refuse to fund, that will have some mean woman in it, who will wipe your asses with a corn cob.

Thanks for nothing, Her name is Hilda Godzilla.

Bring on the Primaries.

Thank you, Marv Newland.

By the way, if you don't have any personal convictions you can stand by after Fifty Fucking Years, I don't want to know ya.

We can argue about our differences and still get along, just have some.

These two weasels are the epitome of what is wrong with our current political system.


  1. What'd expect from a guy who's last name start's with Lie?

  2. I would link these posts to that asshole under Lieberman but I already have a link for Treasonous Motherfuckers.

  3. Lieberman is a weasel in every sense. One of the problems I have is Obama embraced him after the election. After all he said while holding McCain's Prune dick in his mouth. I know nothing but I did no the senator from Conn. needs to put down out back behind the shed.

  4. can someone just stuff that complete flotsam Lieberman with some bacon and shrimp and make him go away

    i dont know if we can count the number of ways he has been a traitor