Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Heart Bleeds

Jesus. The Ultra rich are feeling the pinch.
This Rueters article tries to describe the angst over how some parents are concerned that their poor little Poindexters won't be able to manage THIRTY FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Lord, give me a break.

Good God.

How about something instructive for the rest of the 99% of us?
How about, Ya got three bucks, how are ya gonna feed a family of six?

Fuck you.
Thirty MILLION dollars and you are starting to sweat?

Come around my place, I'll show ya how to invest in food instead of hookers and Coke.

OR, I'll tell ya how to invest in hookers and Coke for a flat fee of say, five hundred grand and a T bone with all the trimmings.
I ain't greedy.

This country is SO fucked.


  1. Kills ya, don't it? Poor fuckers... My God! They might have to drive a brand new domestic car! The horror... And how could they ever manage to survive with only 4000 square feet to live in?!!! And they might actually (GASP!!!!) have to work! It'll fuckin' kill the soft little bastards.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    You ask me, there ought to be a 100% inheritance tax and 100% gift tax. Rich fucks want to pass on their shit to their spawn? Fuck'em, this is America, land of opportunity, their spawn can earn it just like everybody else. I don't see any reason why my own personal staff shouldn't get just as much opportunity to succeed as the spawn of some rich fuck, meow.

  3. IMO taxes should be on corps, not on inheritance.

    In CA, the damned oil companies pay NO tax for drilling and extracting.

    Course, I think corps should NOT have the rights they do, either.

    They got to run free, and we're all out of work and paying upwards for it all. The money is being transferred from the lower and middle class to the 1%.

    Regulate, don't dissipate, mohn.