Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Survive

Yeah, I am still working on this chest cold but I am slowly getting better.
It might have been the Swine flu but probably just the annual chest cold, what ever.
I would prefer to remain ignorant.

I have cheated death many times already, eventually the bastard will win, I want to make him earn it.

In the mean time, life goes on.

I need to get off my dead ass and clean this joint up.
After being sick for three damn weeks, this place is getting ripe.
The first order of business is to clean out that damn cat box.
Jeeze, as much as these critters are outside, you would think it wouldn't be a problem but I swear, I open the door and they head straight to the cat box and then to the feed dish.

They are currently in their normal state, comatose.

I could give a rats ass about what is happening in the political world right now, I can guarantee ya we are all fucked and don't know it yet.

Fucking bastards, I don't even get a kiss first.

I need to go procure a few items while I still can but that cat box has to go.
Damn, it's only been two days!
I went to grab a beer and got a whiff of that, oh hell no.
I gotta quit feeding the little shits so much.

Little cat turd factories.

The joys of living in a 35 foot trailer.
One stinky sock can ruin yer morning and God forbid ya cook with onions or garlic.

I do anyway because it is just me but ya sure as hell get a nose full when ya open the door.
Thank goodness for Fabreze! Glad trash bags are my bestest friend.

Go buy some food, winter is coming and the economy is being dragged on the ground behind some so called expert economists like toilet paper on yer ex wife's heel coming out of the bathroom.

It's tragically hilarious at this point.

I think I am going to make a pot of beans this afternoon, there is a smoked ham hock calling my name, and corn bread sounds fabulous, I have some fresh butter too.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Gotta do the same thing, BK.

    Need a back hoe and a fire hose to clean this pit out.

    Don't forget to pick up some goodies for any goblins that may venture to your door tonight. This is my first Hallowe'en in six years that I'm home so I need to be prepared.

    Not that I'll get many rugrats but a big bowl of candy won't go uneaten!

    Happy Samhain to all.

  2. I am still waiting to hear just where the friggin' meat is on a ham hock.

    Mmmmmm...beans and corn bread. Louis Jordan was right.

    Mr. B and I have had the same crud for the last week. No fevers, but coughing like a Dickensian heroine with consumption and congestion and hawking crap and fatigue and just generally feeling crappy.

    I know how you feel about the housework, place is out of control again already, and the demolition in the basement family room to put in insulation and sheetrock isn't helping either. Nor is the Radical Cashectomy that this work involves -- a surgical removal of all my money.

  3. go get a 30 lb bag of Fresh Step clay cat litter. speaking as one who has at one time or another had upwards of 30 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment (duplex) I speak from experience that this is the best cat litter on the market. I don't see you as one who would fool with scooping litter and I would not suggest it to you. scooping litter is only for the finicky and those who only have one indoor cat and frankly I think they are a bit strange to want to hover over a cat box on a daily basis. also I have recently made another discovery. shiny plastic cat boxes do not hold oder like the non shiny ones do. makes sense if you think about it, shiney plastic is less porous. they also do not hold on to the litter like the other one's do, so there is no friggin scraping, just shove it in a glad bag, flip it over, hit it a couple of times and it all comes loose. then all you have to do it rinse and fill. we have three cats now and the fresh step makes it so that if we are being good we can make it from one garbage day to the next without changing it and even if we miss a garbage day because we are too broke to get a new bag it is not totally unbearable waiting until the following garbage day.

    k, that's my heloise's hints for the day...