Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Friend, The Crock Pot

Anyone who has been around here lately knows I have been in bed, literally, since Tuesday, sicker than a dog, with the worst cold I have ever had in my life.

My saving grace through this mess has been my Crockpot.

I put a huge Pork Roast in Tuesday after I got home and have been eating on that ever since.

I had two Crock Pots before this one that didn't work right and finally got pissed and sent the last one back after all I did was dump it out.
Ya put the thing on "Keep Warm" and it went to HIGH!
Ruined two beautiful Pot Roasts and pissed me clear off the second time.

Anyways, Get ya one,a GOOD ONE, they are awesome just for situations like this.
I just dumped two cans of beans, two cans of potatoes and a can of corn, some chili powder and some salt and pepper into what is left of that Pork Roast and I am going to feed myself for at least another five days, it is full again.

Make sure ya get one that has the removable ceramic crock, you can actually cook with that over a fire if you have to or even a Coleman stove.
The things are not expensive and can be such a convenience.
They are kind of like the big old cast iron pot way back in the day, ya can just keep adding things to them day after day for a wonderful stew.
Any meat you put in them slow cooks right off the bone and is fork tender.


  1. My daughter-in-law from Iowa likes to tell the story about one of her father's buddies who dropped by to say, "The wife told me to borrow your goddam crackpot!"

  2. Nasty girl3:42 PM

    I have one baby. They are awesome, although I don't use it much. I will, however, be making you dinner in it next weekend, provided you can make it.

  3. I wouldn't be without my crockpot...a single guy's best friend!

    Been using the same one for several years now!

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    My wife loves her crockpot almost as much as she loves me.

  5. Yer a lucky man, I know she loves the Crock pot.

    Thanks fer stopping by and give my best to yer lady for putting up with ya!

    I know how it is...

  6. My next challenge is biscuits, home style.

    Done it before. I will do it again, it has just been a long time.

  7. Crockpot is awesome for us busy gals. Here's an easy recipe for ya:

    1 brisket
    1 envelope onion soup mix
    1 bottle decent beer (we use Sam Adams Boston Lager)

    Brown the brisket in a skillet. Flour it first if you like or don't want to thicken the gravy separately. Rub in the onion soup mix. Put in crockpot. Pour beer over it. Cook 8-10 hours on low.

    Easiest crockpot recipe ever. Whenever you use a crockpot, always brown the meat first so it doesn't get that weird boiled taste.

    Mr. Brilliant, who has been doing the cooking this summer (cooking being putting something on the grill and then opening and microwaving 2 bags of side dishes from Trader Joe's) has decided to try his hand at Indian food this week. Murgh Saag and homemade chapati. My Indian co-workers await samples with bated breath.

    Meanwhile, tomorrow I live on jello, ginger ale, Marino's Italian ices, and Miralax before they stick a wire God Knows Where on Monday.

    Be interesting to see if my "insurance" pays for it.

  8. ( Spoken in a broken Scottish brogue, A LA Scotty from Star Trek)

    Aye, the old Uranus Probe, bastarrds.
    Good luck wit' 'at and thanks for the recipe!
    I'll drown it right!

  9. LOL! Fearguth, I wasn't paying enough attention, so his MIL was out of town?

  10. got mine at freddies for under 30 bucks -- large has a ceramic insert i can take out, great lid and holds a lotta food.

    takes me a week to eat the pot roast but oh is it yummy

    hope you are feeling better soon dood

  11. I love my crockpot... use it at LEAST once a week. Hope your feeling better!