Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Death Knell For Joe Lieberman

How sweet it is.
Olympia Snowe crossed party lines against heavy threats to vote for some kind of Health care reform.
Someone promised that lady part of the moon, I ain't stupid.
Let me stop there,not.
Yes, I can fucking guarantee that they gave this lady that part of the moon they just blew up.
I can also guarantee that they have been sending her roses and blowing up her skirt for about four years now, tryin' to counter that little fucking cunt Joe Lieberman.
Damned if I know what it took, maybe some hot little Puerto Rican pool boys on speed dial, I don't give a fuck.
The damage is done.

She voted for it under threats by her own party that she would be denied a high ranking seat on an influential committee.

That tells me one thing.

Joe Fucking Lieberman is about to get his due.

Sweet revenge is mine.

Ya cocksucker,traitorous motherfucker, back stabbing sonofabitch, they just went around yer ass.

Hows that feel Judas?

Even Arlen Specter is smarter than you, that has to hurt, ya miserable piece of shit, because Arlen is a demonstrable weasel, he will jump to another party for political gain faster than his Viagra takes effect.

Dude, you just got played and I am so fucking happy, I am going to send five bucks to Ned Lamont, again.

Suck my Dick, even better, fall over dead.


  1. Joe Lieberman really is a dick.

  2. I have NO clue as to why you went from Snowe's Skirt, up Joe Libe's Skirt.

    One of these these things LOOKS the same, but aren't.

    And I don't see Joe Liar dyin worse, cuz Snowe Job did her piece today.

    Hell, NONE of them are related, and have ANY thing to do with final HC REform.

    THAT will be decided in the final reconciliation.

    And THOSE folks, well, can you name them, and tell me if there's ANY House Power to counter them?

    Fuck Snow, Lieberman, and such. They are non issue's, hoss.

    Reid is the issue, and the final committee to reconcile the final 5 bills is the issue.

    WE wait. And shit, and worry.

    In the meantime, someone find out who's in CHARGE, besides Reid, for the final bill.

    Cuz THAT'S the fuck we need to leverage, and pressure, all to hell.


  3. Yep, Chopped Liverman it is.