Monday, October 05, 2009

Long Day Ahead

What a fucked up weekend.
Spent two fucking days swapping out the engine in my kids pickup.
The motherfucker would NOT go back in.
Thank God my buddy Steve dropped by.
We spent two hours wrestling that motor and it STILL would not go in. Trying to stab the fucking clutch, we had to pull it in with long bolts through the bell housing, the hard way.
Dirty sonofabitch anyway.
We finally got it back together about five thirty yesterday.
Then the battery went tits up.
Then the fuel pump went tits up.
I have had the bed off of that truck FIVE fucking times putting used fuel pumps in it.
The boy is going to Ford and buying a new fucking fuel pump.

My ass is kicked but good and now I have to fucking work today too.
I ain't a happy camper.


  1. The satisfaction from being able to perform jobs such as this and then confronting the obstacles along with it has gone away.

    It's kinda like war - nothing ever goes according to plan.

    I'm just worn out after doing this shit for almost five fucking decades.

  2. It's a Ford that explains a lot. When they get that bad it's time for the junk yard and start over. Not worth busted knuckles and a bad back I say.

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    first thing you have to do is bust your damn knuckles, cut your head, or some such, call it a raggedy MFer and then the some bitch goes into place.

  4. Apparently you are familiar with this shit.
    Just so ya know, the very first special tool that came out of the Ford factory, part number 00001, was a big fucking hammer.
    Pound it to fit and paint it to match.
    Fucking Bastards.

    Thanks fer stopping by.

  5. The boy is going to Ford and buying a new fucking fuel pump.

    Dude, learned long time ago. If I gotta take down a tank to change a fuel pump, a factory pump, housing, sender, and sock go back in. Been let down with aftermarket pumps too many times, let alone used ones.