Friday, October 23, 2009

Yer Mistaken.

Yeah yeah, I'm a day late and a dollar short, what the fuck ever.

One of my , um ,politically different friends sent me a link to this piece. This is a perfect example of the current abuse of our Fourth Amendment Rights to Illegal Searches without a fucking warrant and no fucking reasonable cause to do so.
Hey Fuckers, take a quick gander,
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Let me just say, in no uncertain terms, this is a direct violation of our Fourth Amendment, Constitutional Rights,.

H/T, some guy who will remain nameless at this time.

This is a continuation of a policy set forth by the administration of George W. Bush and it is fucking illegal.

The CIA is data mining us, without a warrant and without proveable cause.
I know without a doubt they have been monitoring this Blog for years and I know , without a doubt, they have been watching my Internet surfing.

Have a nice day fella's and I hope you have some moist toweletts.

The fact that this administration has not squashed this program like a bug is , to say, troubling, goes without saying.
The fact that they are actually bragging about this capability is beyond troubling.

Look up the law titled FISA and tell me what you think.

This shit is Constitutionally prohibited and yet, here they are, bragging about what they are doing to monitor every damn individual on the internet, who has a fucking cell phone or calls their Grandmother on Sunday.

WTF, I am a dissident and it is damn well a protected right under our former Constitution.

There is no God Damn reason for the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, my local service providers who act under the Department of, spit, Homeland Security, to monitor and report on, index, and file reports on my thoughts and rants, for any reason.
Get yerself a blowjob and find yer ass a terrorist another way, fer Chrissakes.

While I am at it, fuck you idiots for wanting me to take my fucking shoes off in an airport.
What brand of idiot doesn't coordinate with fucking Amtrack and Greyhound service for that?
Y'all is a bunch of power mad and stupid cock suckers, fer God's sake.

If I try to get on a God Damn airplane with over three ounces of liquid, it's because I got tied up getting into the fucking line to be searched by some stupid motherfucker and didn't have time to shoot down a fucking shot of whiskey.
Jesus fucking Christ you people are ignorant.

Cavity search me, I fucking dare ya, ya damn well better bring a hot little honey so I can call it a date.
Her name better not be Bruce, either.

This country is beyond fucked up.
Just for Yer info, the above mentioned government agencies have been monitoring this Blog for YEARS now, you commie fucks are already on the list and are being kept track of .

If ya actually give a fuck,you will quit the porn sites you like so much.

I don't and I Damn well know they are watching.
Fuck 'em.

This country has literally turned into the former Soviet Union and George Orwell's vision of 1984 at the same fucking time. Big Brother is watching you and he is jacking off , watching the same damn porn site you are, at the same damn time, ya gotta love Windows.

This ain't the America I grew up in, I certainly don't give my pledge of allegiance to the Oligarchy and they can kiss my fucking ass.

Some fucking asshole tried to defend the obscene profits and bonuses the other day, that these ,ahem, bank people are making. What. The. Fuck.?
Two hundred million dollars as a fucking bonus for driving a company into the ground, having to be bailed out by us, the working stiff, and some fucking asshole has the balls to tell me that it is all good in the long run because somehow, this giant pile of money this prick is getting will benefit the country as a whole?

My fucking head is spinning.
Reaganomics writ large?

I am thinking some hubristic cocksucker needs a vasectomy, via a steel toed boot.

The fucking gall I am seeing out of these people.
I got mine and STFU until I can let my old lady to spend enough money on shit, you might actually see a fucking dollar as a tip, if you are lucky.

I can't believe this shit.
I probably tip my bartenders more than these assholes.

I gotta quit, I am pissing myself off to the point that I am considering going hunting for rich, conservative assholes.
Just like some cunt fucking Republican had the guts to say about Democrats.

Dude, you might want to re think that shit.
I ain't fucking Bambi, I shoot back and I hit what I aim at.

Update #1,

If you thought I was pissed off when I typed this, you oughtta see me now, after Blogger was down for a fucking hour and my computer locked up three fucking times.

Update #2, I really, really hate using the "C" word but in this case, it is not some mysogenistic asshole crap.
"Can't Understand, Normal Thinking".

Update #3

You stupid sonsabitches that keep stirring up racial hatred, think it is funny to joke about killing people and think it is perfectly acceptable to treat women, minorities and people who are not the same race, income level, sexual inclivitidy
and political bent like dirt under your feet are about to find yer ass in yer hand.

Your out dated beliefs that Liberals are somehow non violent when provoked is not my reality.
Harry Reid is an anomaly, motherfuckers.

Update #4 It is now 1:37 in the morning and now I am REALLY pissed off, push that button asshole.


  1. excellent rant busted

    i get more than my share of *unknowns* on my sitemeter

    *waving the traditional one finger salute at the fuckers*

  2. awesome dude...

  3. Truth can be painful, even for those who speak it.

    The wingnuts had old man Reagan and his bitch, Daddy Bush - 12 years of circle jerks and crisco parties. Then Clinton happened and they went viral. Used every evil shitty trick in the book and still they couldn't get the Big Dog to back down.

    But the damage was done and Gore couldn't shake the slime that came off Clinton. 2004 sucked big for the country. The Village Idiot was the wingnuts saving grace. He gave it all to them - the good silver, the college fund and the fucking kitchen sink - everything of value in the country.

    Finally, the people said "fuck you" and put Obama in the White House. Now, the Villagers are more than pissed off; they are fucking insane. They won't rest until Obama's had a state funeral.

    The government was loaded with Reaganites and Bushits from both Daddy and his idiot spawn. Obama can't clean them all out of government alone. He's going to need help.

    We have to keep pointing out the bad apples, keep stirring the pot so that all the crap rises to the top.

    It ain't gonna be easy. This disease has been around since 1980, it goes pretty deep. Americans are like the old junkyard dog - if you're not too bold, you can get away with anything but cause too much of a ruckus and you'll get your ass bit.

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    As far as the patriot act and wiretapping is concerned,it's too early to act on it .If they were to repeal it,for whatever reason,Rush,Sean,Glenn,and Micheal Weiner would have a heyday telling wingnut's that we're less safe than under the shrub.

  5. what a hell of a way to run a railroad4:36 PM


    love what you do and your links. have bought a lot of stuff from them. hell, I been answering the phone with "hello NSA". I been thinking the same thing.. these asssholes think someone on the left doesn't have an AR-15? stupid fuckers from the start. See you Gitmo..

  6. Hi Ornery - I sent our little Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS) a little reminder:

    "Message Subject: GUNS

    Message Text: Congressman Harper, I am a gun carrying liberal. A damn good shot too. If you are going to shoot at me you better hit me because I can take the eye out of a rabbit at 150 yds with my .270, or at close range my .45 slams a 3 inch hole in what I shoot at. You are a serious loser. I would not hesitate to take you out if you ever, ever threaten me or my family with a gun. Get it? Not funny asshole. Liberals carry guns and we win wars, not just funnel money to defense contractors and drag it out. WE WIN WARS. Got it, asshole? We hit what we shoot at. Apologize now."

    I kinda like it... has a certain.. ring to it.


  7. Hi Your Majestic Orneryness,
    That's some mighty fine writing! Anyone who isn't angry is just not paying attention.
    I can't understand why anyone would submit to a shoe-removal at an airport. I certainly won't. Fuck 'em.


  8. Feel like 1984? Are we fighting Al Qaeda or are they our friends now?

    Give them something good to read 4257319831457762882231 AZQIYZBGHTDYRIOP SS251
    Now get out your decoder ring and figure that one out boys. That'll keep em busy for a while.

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