Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let Me Just Say Thanks

Lady Luck, The Good Lord, somebody smiled on my narrow ass today.

Without going into details, I got hooked up with a truck load of supplies tonight.
I think I have enough for a couple of months, easy, and had enough to pay my neighbor to convert a closet into a pantry.

I was pretty nervous that he caught me red handed hauling in my supplies, I have helped him keep from starving a couple of times.
I think I will be OK, all I have to do is keep him fed, he is a big motherfucker though. He is trying to start a home improvement/ handy man business and I wish him the best. He is very good at what he does, Very.

I trust him plenty, I am just getting paranoid in my old age.

What the hell, it ain't like this is a new trend.

In case ya haven't been paying attention, these are some seriously tight economic times.I helped out three of my neighbors in the last few months and I was getting worried about my own self here lately. This was a very, very welcome bonus for me, I don't work for Goldman Sachs.

Those fucking assholes need to spend a couple of months on this end of the economy.


  1. Yea - let these people live in the world they created for others and things might change rather quickly.
    Glad things are looking up Busted!!!

  2. Too bad he doesn't live near me. Our POS cape has enough work it needs to keep a handyman busy for a while.

  3. Hi Ornery,
    You, sir, are a breath of fresh blue air. Your posts are always great reading.