Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Herman Cain? Really?HAHAHAHA!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Holy shit, the more I hear about this ignorant fuck, the more I laugh hysterically.

The last poll says he is a head of Willard, which just cracks my ass up.

I bet ya five bucks this ignorant fuck is out of the race by January.

Thank you Jesus, now let's find us a real candidate.

Let the most hard core out of touch and crazy motherfucking Republican bring the next craziest motherfucking Republican to the election next year and hope they stimulate the economy by spending their personal millions trying to get nominated, let alone elected to office.

The current incumbent can kiss my fucking ass too.


  1. I've been saying since the Rethug Circus got in high gear that it's gonna be Jebbie. Why else would so many clowns get such "serious" consideration?

    Even another Bush Baby will look like a relief to this crowd.



  2. How boring life would be without the Republican Goat Rodeo!

  3. So whaddaya gonna do 'Knucks? Sit this one out .... with the Evangelicals?

    S'prolly too soon since Bush The Last, for Bush The Next to be a threat. Jebbie's lookin' at '16. Although .... I .... HAVE been wrong ... LATELY! heh