Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good News

My little Net Book is still under warranty.

The Bad News, I gotta drive clear in to Portland and find this fucking Best Buy place and drop it off and breathlessly await their decision to either fix it or replace it.

I could give a fuck one way or the other, just make it right.

It's not like I have nuclear clearance codes in the motherfucker.

They gave me a "free" antivirus disc that The Wife managed to put into it but it damn sure as hell missed something.

I actually got to talk to the "Geek Squad".

OK Dan, you have in coming pal.

Fix the sumbitch.

1 comment:

  1. Oh jeez. Don't tell me she went to one of those "free antivirus" sites. If she does things like that you should get her her own netbook and tell her that when she clicks on pop-up windows it's her own problem.

    Here's what you do, Cochise: Download yourself a copy of MalwareBytes, keep it up to date, and run it every week. Spend the 29 bucks and get the paid version if you like. Mr. B. swears by it and he is an Information Systems Professional, or at least he was until the industry decided that someone over 50 who can fix any damn computer problem you can think of is too old to work for them. Now he's temping and criminally underused.


    I installed MalwareBytes on my hairdresser's partner's PC, he runs it every week and not even the most hardcore gay pr0n site infects that PC anymore.