Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Arguing With A Woman Is Like Wiping Yer Ass On A Wagon Wheel

It never ends.

It's like I told a guy, they always get the last word and the next thing you say is a brand spanking new argument.

I gave up on the El Camino, It just wasn't worth it.

I will pick my battles but arguing over a fucking car like that is a waste of time, there are millions of fucking cars out there.

I have better things to do.

She did apologize for hanging up on me and I will be the first to admit I am a Dick but don't expect me to change anytime soon.

I will find that 61 Falcon/ Ranchero I have been wanting and Then the game will be on.

Just fer shits and grins, she tells me she wants the keys to this blog.

Insert insanely maniacal laughter here.

I will set up her own blog but this fucker is mine, all mine, and no, you can't go there.

Honey baby, you can comment here until the cows come home but you are not going to post here, ever, till death do us part.
You, me and this Blog.

Shit, I am still waiting for the Big Black Suburbans to show up at any time and I will be looking for someone to post bail.

I will, however, consider creating a new Blog that we can do together.

If I do, you can damn be sure you want to tune into that, you can rest assured it would be.... entertaining.


  1. Right! No one gets his hands on my blog! She probably needs one all her own, not one with you. I bet she can set up her own blog without your help. Little ole me set mine up. Lots of women do. Blogs and computers are not affected by testosterone....LOL...

  2. My wife doesn't even read mine. However, the kids do.

    In 32 years of marriage, I've learned that I win arguments or I can be happy. (I just go ahead and pretty much do whatever I want anyway.)

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Picking your fights is the way to go, don't sweat the small stuff. My wife learned long ago that 'the silent treatment' is only a reward, not a punishment, lol, so when I get stubborn, I hear about it and a lot of other things that have occured as well.

    I offer to TIVO her comments and see / hear about it later, but it doesn't seem to bring much appreciation. I try to be accomodating like that . . .

  4. Keys to the blog? bwaaaahahahahahaha. Now that the laugh is over, I'm wondering if the 2nd sentence to wind it's way through my brain isn't close to yours?

    "Better back that truck up pronto, bitch, 'cause that aint never gonna happen."

    And yeah, my old man knows when "bitch" is a term that indicates to him "proceed with caution" because he deserved that temporary nickname.

    He knows better than to try to make it look like that right wing bullshit the military shoved up his ass on a daily basis (that he used to regurgitate) is anything close to what I think.

  5. Blogs are a personal thing. Sorry Mrs. Nuckles, but git yer own damn blog! This here is Busted's place : )

  6. I haven't visited your site since you got married (congratulations!). Glad you scored the new job (congratulations again!). Happy you survived your first disagreement with the wife (another congratulation!). I have been married for 34 years. I learned a long time ago, you're not going to win. Don't fight it. Just roll with it.

  7. chkarrer@aman'thul3:56 AM

    If you do decide to do a joint blog, see if you can get her posts to come out in red or pink, and yours in some shade of blue, for instant identification of poster.