Thursday, April 30, 2009


Nunya has got it going on!

I just love a snarky post but she threw up the links to make her point in a beautiful way.

Good on ya honey!

Go visit PolitickyBitch.

Yeah, yeah, I love the name too, what can I say?


  1. Thanks for the linky love Busted, much appreciated :)

  2. ps, love your name too :)

  3. Checked it out, she's good . . . another bookmarky.

    Thanks Busted . . . . as she says, it's ALL about politics, if politics is the base for the haves v. have nots.

    And that's all it's about. And we're getting screwed deeper and deeper in our pooch's by the 1% daily.

    Bankers, feh. Politicians, tools of the bankers, feh.

    Until it collapses of its own weight, or mama nature intervenes, we're fucked. I don't think the shit as is can last much longer. 3 years max.

    If Obama creates jobs and people go to work and earn money to survive, and then better themselves, we MIGHT have a chance.

    I don't see that happening soon. And I LIKE the guy.