Monday, November 24, 2008

How To Blow a Hundred At the Dollar Store

It's not as hard as you would think.

I love the Dollar store, I get all kinds of stuff there.
Things like trash bags, tin foil,( Need a new hat once in a while, ya know)
Baggies, paper towels, John Wayne toilet paper, (80 grit), you name it.

They beat the local Safeway like a rented mule when it comes to being cheap on prices.
So the other day I went in there and just had a complete runaway.

Canned corn, 2 fer a buck.Green beans the same deal
Campbells chicken noodle soup. 16 0z can, a buck.
32 oz Cran Raspberry juice, a buck.
Armour Treat, mystery meat, a buck.
Three liter bottles of Pop, a buck.

Canned peaches and pears, well you get it.
Hell, it's worth me going to just to buy Laundry and Dish soap!

Two shopping carts full, and I do mean full, 95 bucks and change, including tax.

The problem now is where to put it all.
I live in The Rat Hole, a Twenty Six foot box on wheels that is notorious for not having much storage space.

I am a pretty creative guy when it comes to stuff like this though.
I just might lift off the top of the bed and start stacking it around the fresh water tank. That ought to be interesting.

It would be too much trouble to , you know, re arrange the stuff I already have and throw out a bunch of junk stereo equipment I have laying around.
Besides, them two varmint cats have to have somewhere to hide when I come home and find cat puke on the floor.


  1. Does it have to be stored inside?

    I am thinking like, adding a junker car to the place, and using that as storage space.

  2. you realize very soon the dollar store is going to be like Saks or Bloomingdales to most of America

  3. Trying to stay ahead of the curve.

  4. Luxury! I can't afford the Dollar Store. I shop at 99 Cents Only.

  5. The Dollar Store Rules!! It's about the only store that me and the wife will go in together. haha!! We also have a Dollar Mart here too, lots of cheap tools and stuff like that. Not bad stuff for a buck ya know. I added your link to my site, hope that's ok. Just like to keep up with all the other onery bastards out there. lol

  6. i think the rathole needs a rathole storage trailer.

  7. I live in a high-rent district? A place called Deals for $5 just opened up. It's owned by Dollar Tree.

    I just figgered it was $1 Store adjusted for inflation, but they're just the typical buck fuck with a dairy/frozen/grocery section and random $5 Made In China Crap.

  8. Those hammock lookin' hangin' thingymabobs are handy on boats for stashin' stuff. Maybe a couple of those?

  9. You got some junk stereo equipment? maybe a trade for that post drill and whatever else?

    I am looking for an old amp/tuner with a DIAL, and maybe some speakers...