Saturday, November 01, 2008

Darth Cheney Endorses Grumpy McPlanecrasher

Three days before the election and DICK Cheney comes out and endorses McCain.

Stick a fork in the motherfucker, he's done.


  1. Is that the kiss of death or what?

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Just rouses the base. They gonna eject prematurely anyway. It's a non issue, other than the lefty's can ridicule it for what it's worth.

    My bigger laugh is watching the blogs and the MSM saying McCain is closing the gap.

    Only cuz sphincter's are clenching among ignorant white people. Well, there IS the whole polling for profit to generate ad dollars and such . . .

    As I said at Drifty's . . . cum guzzling gutter sluts gotta earn a living too, I guess . . .

    I'd forecast Obama by 15% but for the gutter sluts.

    Ok, Obama by 10%.

    Rigged votes, white sheets and hoods, and scared fundie's watching their clutch on nuking the ME for armageddon get flushed is worth 5%, I guess.


  3. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Nice graphic.

    Totally OT to this post, but hey . . .

    You caused me to completely destroy yet another perfectly good keyboard when I spewed syrah all over it reading "Instructions for giving your cat a pill" last night at fdl. Made me think of good times and old scars gotten with our 4 house tigers.

    ps--I could no way in hell make myself vote for that scumbag Brian Baird, so did a protest vote and wrote in Cheryl Crist, who was his progressive dem. challenger in the primary but who lost.


  4. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Dude, that's the best blog post title EVER!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!