Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Digital Television Coming In February

I just happen to have had the little piece of shit TV I have turned on a few minutes ago while watching the local news.

They have been harping about this signal change coming in February since, I don't know, last fucking April.

Every time I turn it on they are all breathless, worrying that they might lose every rednecked motherfucker within two states if these same idjits don't step up to the plate and buy a newer television or get this stupid fucking box to plug into it to change the signal from analog to digital.
Every little old lady over seventy has been on heightened alert and changing their Depends thrice daily since then.

Lucky for me, they just did a LIVE TEST!!! Eleventy Eleven !!!

I will be throwing out my television in late January, hopefully on my fucking Birthday.

See ya.

I ain't going to miss the fourteen different COP shows, CSI, or any other Authoritarian sledgehammer show they are so fond of running 24/7.
Oh, and Celeb TV is even worse.
Fuck Brittany.

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