Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Months

Sixty excrutiatingly long days and Bush is (Bad) History.
Fuck Christmas, January Twentieth is the day I am looking forward to. I want him gone more than mere words can express.

In the mean time, the count down continues.

Hell, everyone can't wait for his sorry ass to be gone.


  1. Another chilling confirmation that the Shrub has Asperger's. Multiple step instructions.

    1.Walk up the stairs
    2. Walk to your spot on the stage (marked)
    3. Face the cameras
    4. Smile

    Shaking hands would have overloaded and distracted him.

    When history looks back, that will be his place in it. The first mentally challenged President.

  2. being a sociopath, bush has no idea how much all those people up there hate him

  3. Dist: He's SO not a sociopath, he's a victim of his upbringing. And he's been run as a shill by the GOP, and Cheney, Inc.

    Bush is a retard, he's guilty, guilty, guilty as a famous Sunday Comic once said of Nixon, but he's no sociopath. He's too stupid to be that deep.

    A sociopath is like Anthony Hopkins in a great flick.

    Bush is NOTHING of the sort. He's facile doll, made up and abused, by his handlers.

    And no, that don't excuse him, or his family going back a few gens' from their crimes put forth upon all of humanity.

    But he's no sociopath. Don't credit the village idiot with that distinction . . . it's just SO not deserving.

    To the gallows. Then, the trial and conviction.