Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Second Amendment Is Irrelevant

I have been getting the biggest kick out of people freaking out about the election of President Elect Obama and the reaction from the folks who are panicked about his supposed eagerness to grab the guns right out of the hands of every American and the panic happening as I type going on with people buying every damn bullet and firearm accessory available.

News flash, you are several years too late.

There are a lot of very happy firearms dealers who are going to have a profitable Christmas and a lot of panicked people who can't spend money fast enough on extended capacity magazines and high dollar shooting irons capable of throwing incredible amounts of lead down stream at rates of fire that would render the ratifiers of the Second amendment speechless.

Before anyone starts firing up the keyboard to light into my ass as a weak kneed liberal pussy who hates guns, I have another news flash for you, I love guns and I am a huge proponent of the Second Amendment that guarantees my right to own firearms . I have several.
The Right to bear arms has been seen to be a crucial incentive in keeping our very own government in check with the threat of deadly force, just to remind our elected officials that to go too far towards tyranny invites an armed response, and dead tyrants do not get the added benefits of breathing or reproducing.

Let me show you why the officials in the government are laughing their asses off at the quaint notion of Rednecked Rambo's with shoulder mounted pea shooters.

I am sure you have heard of the remote controlled and guided missile armed Predator aircraft ,they like to call these Drones, because there is no pilot to train or worry about if some harm comes to it and it crashes.
Recall there are some very dead terrorists accredited to these birds. Take your time and watch the videos at these links so this readily available information can sink in.
Now the Predator has a Big Brother, the Global Hawk.
Notice how this video shows the destructive force available for High Explosives.
That means it can deliver unconventional payloads, Bio, Nuclear,and multiple versions of Anti Personnel weapons,Napalm, Cluster Bombs,Air to Sea, Air to Surface, just let your imagination run wild for a minute.

Now then, take into consideration Google Earth has been opened to the public and shows one hundredth of the capabilities of the Spy Satellites that President Bush just turned inwards to our own country.

Traffic cameras are another example, your Government has the capability of reading the license plate on your car going seventy miles an hour, in the rain.
Then there is the abuse of FISA .
Every bit of the electronic activity you or I do is being monitored and stored.
EMail, Google Search, Cell Phone tracking, I hope by now you are starting to see the Big Picture.

This is not Tin Foil Hat time, these are proven technologies.

George Bush has been stacking the deck and we have been paying for it,literally.

I did not even mention the B2 Bomber or the F-117 or F22 Stealth Fighters.

How about your Local news Helicopter having Infra Red FLIR capabilities?
I know at least one local television news helicopter has this, think the US.Gov doesn't?

The fact of the matter is, if the Government of the United States of America wants you dead, you and anyone within a hundred yards will be and you will never know what happened.

Just ask a survivor from several wedding ceremonies in the Middle East recently.

I am completely aware that the government is outnumbered when it comes to individuals who are armed compared to what they have for "Boots On The Ground".

I am also aware that if you piss them off to the point someone high enough in the "Powers That Be' takes a personal interest in your termination, I would not like the odds of survival, AR15 or not.


  1. Well with seven years of trying and all that tech they still haven't gotten uncle Bin have they?
    I think this is just one more parting shots for Bush?Cheney to rob the country and make their NRA buddies richer.

  2. I don't think they care about finding Bin Laden. It's also a bit harder when you don't control the police or just about anything else in a foreign country.

    What I really get a kick out of is that I've met folks like you're describing who were in the military, Busted. It just astonishes that these guys don't make the connection that the stuff they worked with in the military isn't available to the private sector.

  3. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't tell them NOT to buy more bullets. You're gonna run out sooner or later and need re-supply.

    Those who think survival will resemble their vision of it are dreamers.

    When the feces hits the air-mover, size won't matter. That's an awful, dark road to wander. Trust me on that one.

    Picking your way through the shards of society is not a lofty

    Draw a bulls-eye on your tin-foil hat and paint a nice target for the laser tracker. Unless "you got skills" you'll be food.

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    hahahahaha - now that tells it like it is for these fucking fascist NRA ass pirates

  5. Something about my cold dead hands...

  6. This has long been my gripe. The whole kerfluffle over the 2nd Amendment gives me heartburn because, HELLO, what about the other rights they already tromped all over in big boots? Idiots....buying guns is a distraction, you numbnuts!

  7. Agi, my father had that bumpersticker in the back window of his 1968 Ford four wheel drive, until it faded away.

    I think it might have left an impression.

  8. Our local small town cops have infra-red capability in their po-leece cars. They use it mostly for spotting drunk drivers who made it into the woods.

  9. It's sort of like when the Louisiana legislature was shouting at Governor Earl Long to resist the desegregation order for Louisiana colleges back in '58 or so. Ole' Uncle Earl just looked at them and said, "are you fucking *crazy*? We're talking about the Federal Government here. They got the goddamned "ATOMIC BOMB!*."

    The fact of the matter is that the Feds have hundreds of thousands of vicious people on their payroll and access to hundreds of thousands more on state and local police forces. Figure we have over 2 million folks with guns working for the government at all levels, with an unprecedented surveillance state to support their ability to take out anybody they feel is a threat and the ability to concentrate and take those people out long before any resistance could concentrate and mount an effective resistance. Taking on these guys with an AR-15 is suicide. 'Nuff said there.

    - Badtux the Practical Penguin

  10. Oh yeah, I do support the 2nd Amendment, but mostly because it's *the law*, not because I think it is a bulwark against tyranny or any such nonsense. Saddam Hussein's Iraq had lots of guns in the hands of the people. We've found that out the hard way. But it was a tyranny nevertheless.

    - Badtux the History Penguin

  11. Anonymous12:04 AM

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