Sunday, November 23, 2008

Curing What Ails Ya, Naturally

Yeah, I still feel kinda crappy but Patricia was kind enough to hook me up with a link in the comments to an all natural ingredients website for home remedies for a TON of various illnesses and afflictions.
That was awful nice of her to do.

She knows that of which she speaks, also.

She and her husband Michael are doing their best to not only get by their ownselves but also try and inform and educate folks how to stock up on goods and be more self sufficient, they practice what they preach too!
I read Staying Alive, Every. Single. Day.

A unique voice amongst the noise of the day.

Michael affectionately refers to Patricia as The Handmaiden.
That is so dang cute I can hardly stand it.

I highly suggest you visit all of these sites , if for no other reason, to broaden your horizons and maybe learn a few things!

The Handmaiden's site is here, Michaels "Staying Alive" site is here and the Home Remedy site is here.

By the way, I am trying one of the recipes for colds that uses Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon juice and I'll be danged if my head congestion isn't clearing up!
It better be, that stuff is just NASTY!!

Just wait until I can get to the Tomato tea with Cayenne pepper!


  1. I am trying one of the recipes ...

    Lemmie know when you start glowing in the dark. Heh ...

  2. An Absolutely hilarious post, Busted. I haven't laughed do hard in the morning in a long time. Made my day. And thank you for the plug. We do what we can.


  3. Busted, how come you never told me 'bout yer blog?! Had to find out from Michael today..... Damn good stuff m'man! Haven't laughed so hard in ages! I'd drink beer and snort coke off a hooker's ass with ya anytime! Well, maybe not the coke....... Linkage accomplished!