Saturday, November 29, 2008

Andouille Sausage, Food Of The Gods!

My my my.

I'm telling ya, if you have never tried this stuff, you are missing out!
It is traditionally made out of pork, I have to mention that, although it can be made with chicken too.

Keerist this is good stuff!

I found a semi local butcher on Fourth Plain Blvd that carries it and I think there is going to be some stuff come out of the freezer to make room for more!

I like spicy food and this is Cajun baby.

I heat it up and quarter a nice onion and go to town!
It is great in soups, Gumbo and Jumbalaya, Split Pea, just about any soup.

Get ya some and try it, it is great for breakfast or BBQ too.


  1. i love this food.... so now i have to find a place that carries it here in manhattan. i assume the kosher butcher won't

  2. And the gods live in La Place, Louisiana, the Andouille Capital of the World! Jacob's is the best of the best, you can order by mail, and here's the URL:

  3. Like any sausage your love faces stiff regional challenges. East coast, west coast, gulf coast, tundral upper midwest,... all good in their own ways when not put up against non-species specific bayou grinds.

    Take a # of your local stuff down to LA and see how it fares against one of the many varieties ground there.

    On second thought DON'T! Be happy and content with your new found taste treat. Enjoy it. To despoil that by showing its imitative qualities would just harsh your mellow over your discovery.

  4. Hey Busted I have been enjoying Andouille for years. It goes in many Cajun dishes and boy do I love all things Cajun! I like to visit Chef Pauls ( place and order it from him, along with all his spice blends and sauces.
    If ya ever make it down this way I will make you a Cajun dish you won't forget!!
    Give the kittehs a scratch for me(:>)

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Oh, yeah! Andouille is da bomb!!! Cajun is my second favorite cuisine, after Japanese!

  6. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Andouille has been around for decades, even in gourmet cooking.

    Where the fuck ya been, Busted? You gotta stop drinking that Pabst Blue Ribbon and get out more on the web . . . .

    Can I suggest some SF Anchor Steam?

    Killin me, just killin me . . . .

    Get a cheap hand grinder and some different sized dies . . some casing, and make yer own!

    It's easy. Just don't buy a cheap grinder, it'll bust yer knuckles!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  7. HooooWEEEEE char! I GuaRONtee that stuff be good! Now what you got to did is try you some boudan. Yessir, boudan cures what ails ya!