Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mommy, I'm Hungry....

Let's quit chasing the dog here, this country is starting the long slow slide into your worst nightmare.

Congress has currently tied themselves in knots trying to figure out just who gets a slice of Mr. Paulsons SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR bail out.

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms,
YOU are not going to see one thin dime of that ridiculously huge amount of money. Not one cent.


In the mean time , there is a lot of air time and ink being spread around whether or not General Motors is going to get a little slice of the pie to keep them solvent enough so they can honor the retirement benefits of several thousand former workers who busted their backsides keeping that conglomerate in the black for so many years.
No real mention of Ford and Chrysler is a given to go with any bailout of GM.

Chrysler is currently owned by Daimler,of Germany if I am not mistaken, who also bought Freightliner Trucks, which has just announced some major cutbacks, including the ones at the corporate headquarters on Swan Island, in Portland Oregon.

Oh, by the way, Chrysler has already been bailed out once by the government, it was huge in case you don't remember.I don't see anything about that in the MSM, what a surprise.

The bottom line for the everyday family is that there is no Bail Out for you.

You get to pay for whatever amount of money these people decide it is going to take to keep their business buddies above water, too bad your children are starving.

That is some change that needs to happen.

Someone needs to look a few hungry children in the eye and ask themselves what is more important here.

Of course, that has never stopped any corporation in its quest for profits that I have ever seen, in my lifetime. Why have the children of American citizens in a place called Appalachia been starving for over fifty years?

Nobody seems to give a damn ?

I have some bad news for you,

Hunger is not just a "foreign" problem and never has been, it has been an ongoing problem in this country since its inception, the media just doesn't want to acknowledge that out loud but, the numbers are not going to lie here shortly. Hunger has been ignored, to our shame. Now it is going to be a daily problem for a great deal of the citizens of the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Such as it is.

Yay Team.


  1. The Chrysler bailout was in the form of a loan. It was paid back early, and the taxpayers supposedly made a profit. We certainly didn't lose anything. The last time I heard them talk about an auto industry bailout, it was a similar deal.

    Personally, I'd rather have them lending money than borrowing it.

  2. When will main street get bailed out? When they change their name to JP AIG Chrysler Ford Frannie Mac.

    When will starving children be fed? Maybe when the economy recovers people will remember them and we'll finally do something about it. Hopefully people will feel the same pain that those kids do on a daily basis.

  3. What if, I mean just WHAT IF GM had to sell that fucking plant they are building in goddamned RUSSIA to raise operating capital? What the fuck happened to all that money they been rolling in by selling those big fat suv's? Giving those smirking private jet flying motherfuckers MORE money is the height of stoopid.

    DAMN. I am spending too much time over here reading your are getting GOOD!

  4. Chrysler is currently owned by Daimler,of Germany

    not anymore, they sold it at a huge loss to Cerberus - a venture capital firm and it is a private company.

    it is run by the evil Robert Nardelli of Home Depot fame

    paulson is worried about taking care of his friends - period