Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seriously Pissed Off Right Now

So, Harry Reid tells us that Joe Lieberman is a Democrat and he is part of the caucus.
After Lieberman has openly campaigned AGAINST Democrats FOR Republicans, bad mouthed Obama, who he mentored and went so far as to say that a Super majority by Democrats would be "scary" and then made a fucking speech at the Republican National Convention.

Right, try to follow that logic.

If I had a fucking dog that acted like Lieberman there would already be a hole dug in the back yard.

Just to be fair, the Republicans don't seem to be able to find their balls either, they couldn't find enough guts to toss Convicted Felon Stevens out either.

What a completely useless group of individuals we ALL have representing us in government.
Key word, representing.

None of these motherfuckers are representing my views on accountability in government, none.
So, even if you are a Republican, you can be ashamed of your representatives today for not having the fucking guts to kill a tick.


  1. I share your outrage. MY Guy, Tom Harkin, voted the right way. He even called Joe out on his comments on Obama. I love Harkin. I loathe LIEberman.

    Reid has no balls.

  2. The caucus should have at least given Joe a blanket party while they had him behind closed doors. Then they could have let him back into their little club, bruised at least.

  3. [Shrug of shoulders] What do we expect? We can't hurt them, and they take the help for granted. Until we demonstrate the power to make them pay with their jobs for doing this sort of thing, they'll just keep on doing it.

    Wake me up when someone has a viable plan to do that.

  4. On the bright side, it looks like the voters of Alaska have done what the Senate would not.

  5. "Wake me up when someone has a viable plan"

    Yea right, like in 2411 or some goddamned year after the great revolution...great melting...great financial fuckup...like it is never gonna happen, and I just keep getting UPSET by these motherfuckers...

  6. Someone on teh teevee last night said it would be better to have lie-berman inside the tent pissing out than to have him outside the tent pissing in. Personally I think the guy is the lowest of low rent weasels.

    Here's a post that helps 'splain the lie-berman vote.


    Not till the very end of the article do they cut to the chase...