Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pissed Off A Winger Lately?

I have.
Absolutely Fucking Amazing.
The first fucking thing out of their mouth is "Clinton Did....".

Have a nice day, Moran...

Shooting fish in a barrel.

Oh, in case you think I am not going to repeat this little drama fest over and over and over again,



  1. Yea...pissin those fools off is like CHEAP FUKKEN ENTERTAINMENT! Of course, once I get one pissed off, I just can't fucking STAND to be in the same ROOM with their ranting drooling asses, so I leave...

    Peace man,

  2. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I can haz blo job?

    Fuck the fuckin wingers.

    Let them blow themselves.


  3. I'll be spending Turkey day w/ my favorite WIPO who by unfortunate chance is my wife's brother.
    He's been very quiet since Nov. 4th.

    Girding up for the nice heaping platter of crow I'll be serving him? I even bought a disposable grill on which to cook HIS bird.

    By Ornery Bastard etiquette, should the bird be plucked before cooking? My plan was to do a half-assed pluck job, so he will know for certain the species before him.

    Pissing off wingers tain't exactly hard work, but it is oh, so satisfying.

    "Every day a little closer; box o' candy and a piece of fruit."