Monday, November 03, 2008

Because No One Could Have Forseen....

After eight years of the lawless Bush administration, everything from torture to shredding the Constitution to the current economic meltdown, on top of how many of us felt the last election was stolen, you would think that election officials just might have anticipated a very large turnout of voters this year.
You would be mistaken;

Millions of voters will encounter an unfamiliar low-tech landscape at the polls on Tuesday. About half of all voters will vote in a way that is different from what they did in the last presidential election, and most will use paper ballots rather than the touch-screen machines that have caused concern among voting experts.

But the change does not guarantee a smooth election day, as the nation’s voting system remains untested for what is expected to be an unprecedented turnout. Six years after the largest federal overhaul in how elections are run, voting experts are still predicting machine and ballot shortages in several swing states and late tallies on election night.

snipped from the NYT times article here.

We have already seen votes getting flipped, purges of voter rolls and every other dirty trick the Republicans can think of to skew the results of this election in their favor.

This shit needs to stop.
Voting is the duty of every American citizen and when you have unreliable voting machines and political parties bent on denying the basic right to vote to the citizens of this country, then the problem needs to be addressed through the courts and ultimately through Congress.

Whenever illegal activities are discovered in this area there should be severe penalties and lengthy jail terms handed out to send the message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

I don't have the answers but it is serious enough that it should be thoroughly investigated and permanent fixes applied so that the right to register and vote becomes sacrosanct, again, like it should be.

Then the voting process needs to be Nationalized to ensure conformity.
No more willy nilly ,every county picks a method of voting, one system that is tamper proof for everyone.


  1. You don't have to have the answer to admire the problem.

    It will be an acid test of the hybrid systems that have been put into play. Where she stops; nobody knows...

    Maybe Busted will come out the winner?

  2. Hooray for our side and congrats to Pres. elect Obama. Had an e-mail from a Canadian friend who referred to our last 8 years of the Bush Dictatorship which I thought was a good description.