Monday, November 03, 2008

Is He Ready To Lead?

For those who have constantly thrown that question out there as a gotcha question?
Fuck You.
There it is. The mans Grandmother died today, one fucking day before the election of a generation, an election that will either show him to be the President elect or the Also Ran.

He knew it was coming and that is why he took the time to quit campaigning and go to her side.

My sincerest condolences.

I can empathize with the man, seriously.
My Grandmothers were a huge part of my life.

Today, he stayed out on the campaign trail.
Do you have any idea what he is going through?
Any idea how badly he would have loved to talk to her tomorrow?

If anyone thinks he does not have what it takes to work under pressure, there is your proof.
If he actually wins the nomination tomorrow, one of his first official duties will be presiding over the funeral one his closest lifetime advisers, his Grandmother.

He still has to find time and a way to grieve while he concludes his campaign, one way or another.
That has to be the toughest job he will ever undertake.

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  1. Yeah, about grace under pressure, win or lose, (and at this point, I'm pretty sure he will win), the man conducted himself with grace and style, totally composed, totally engaged in the moment...

    It's got to break his heart that his Grandmother didnt live a few more days, to see her Grandson elevated to the highest office in the land, but knowing him as she did, she probably knew it long before any of us did.