Monday, November 24, 2008

Gee, Ya Think?

I have seen a few sites grumbling about this widget guessing the gender of the author wrong.
Now granted, you don't see much of anyone calling a woman a bastard, there is another (Ahem) term used a lot more often.
Even though, I was still pleasantly surprised that there didn't seem to much ambivalence when analyzing my blog for gender .


We think is written by a man (83%).

Check it out, see if ya are what ya think ya are.


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Came over from Michael's blog. Well it says I'm 54% woman but quite gender neutral. Guess I need to work on that secret squirrel ID more.

  2. is Cardassian a choice?

  3. Thanks fer stopping by Stephanie.

  4. It was only 76% sure I was male. Didn't make a guess about species, though.

  5. Didn't seem to have a problem with me. 88% sure I'm an agitator.

    Hey, my middle name IS maytag.

  6. It's 97% certain that I'm a male. Ha ha, OB -- you got beaten by a 4'10" middle-aged Jewish lady from New Jersey.