Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bye Bye Frothy

Romney has been declared the winner of not only Michigan but Arizona as well.
He did especially well in Michigan with voters that were;

Old and White at 42%,
Over 65,wait, I repeat myself.

Post Graduate,46%,

AAAAAnd, had an income of over 200 grand a year.

What a fucking surprise.

44% of those adoring fans were in the category of not having any family member in a Union with a total among all candidates coming to a whopping 77%.
Another surprise,


Fuck this, Go see the results for yourselves, it is entirely within the norm for typical Republican voters.
My little chubby comes down to Frothy getting another chance to show the world his hairy ass.

It is getting mathematically impossible for him to get the nomination, Gingrich is a scarecrow in an empty corn field and Dr. Paul is even starting to eat Newts Liver in places.

All in all,it is what I have been anticipating since last year.



  1. Nothing more need be said. You've said it all!

  2. And you heard the insider news that Paulites are touting Mittens, right?

    More 'thug fun amuck!

    Love ya,


    P.S. It's gonna be a reclaimed and admitted "imperfect but the only choice left" Jebbie at the brokered Convention.

    "Taint boy" by your reckoning.

  3. Jebbie and all the other "viable" candidates are going to stay the hell outta the loony match this year. None of them want to be known as the "mercy fuck" for the Repugs. The Repugs have given up on 2012 and are looking at '16. A merciful by-product of this so-far-right-it's-comin'-around-on-the-left year is that we will have heard the last of Santorum and Gingrich in any serious way. Romney is their sacrificial lamb and will be gone from politics after this. Paul is like a cocxkroach - he'll be here no matter what, but he's basically harmless.

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Been following you for a number of years Busted.
    And I have noticed you change over that time.
    I was a fuck up and you was a fuck up. But that was then and here we are now.Things have changed sir. Quite a bit eh?
    I do not think that you have strayed much from your survivor instincts much but you are coming around to politic's that affect you and this country.
    You have actually taken an active roll in calling out bullshit instead of promoting the way to survive the next armegogoden.(SP?)
    Anyway ... you have come to roost in sensible.You get my vote their.
    And you now are able to absolutely point out the absurdities of our political system that got you fucked in the first place.
    Learning curves are ageless.
    TJ @

  5. A very nice compliment TJ, thank you.

  6. Fuckilcans?

    I don't care, it's mind over matter.

    I don't mind, and they don't matter.

    We got bigger issues right here in the good ole US of A than the fuckin nutfucks of the GOP. Just sayin.