Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The last remaining cat has been scratchin' a lot lately and Nasty Girl found a flea on her the other day.
It's time, says I..
I have some of those drops ya put on the back of their neck that supposedly last three months, lying sonsabitches.
I went and opened one up and found the varmint lounging around and went and petted her and quickly squirted that bastard on the back of her neck.

Ya ever been to a rodeo?
She went ape shit.
Bailed out and started doing laps around the trailer looking for a place to hide.

I was smart this time and shut all the damn doors so she couldn't escape.

She finally went to go under the bed but I had shut off that avenue of escape too.
I grabbed her by the back of the neck like momma cats do and she turned around in her skin and bit the living shit out of me for my trouble.

I didn't let go even though it hurt like a motherfucker and finished giving her the dose.
She bounced off the walls for a good five minutes and is currently hiding behind the monitor giving me death threats with her eyes.
To say she hates that shit would be a mild understatement.
She is PISSED off at me right now.

Fuck you, flea bag, I win.

I am still dealing with the ants too. I thought I keeeled them but no, they are still around, just not as bad.

Bug bombs away here soon.
Weapons of mass destruction are called for.

The last time I lit off two, this time it will be four and if I have to do it again it will be six and a spray can so I can go around out side where I think they are coming in at.

Either way, I am done with the creepy crawling mother fuckers.

That reminds me, I need to make sure my boots are turned up side down tonight so the little bitch can't shit in them.

I am sure there will be retribution but I am sick and tired of bugs.

Here kitty kitty, I have more of this waiting for you.

You should see the evil glare I am getting right now.

Bring it, cat.


  1. Just be glad it wasn't Nasty Girl who you had to de-flea.

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    got three dogs and the flea stuff works great. try terra ant killer. Just leave it out till they are gone. and if the cat eats it, no more fleas, either.

  3. I tried that Terra stuff, that's why there aren't as many as there used to be, it just didn't get them all.
    Time fer drastic measures.

  4. Nasty Girl5:31 PM

    Raid Max Ant Fogger baby. And something to spray around outside and down the drain. Very funny brokeboater. Love ya baby. Smooch.

  5. Diazinon worked fucking miracles, but the fedgov cockroaches banned it. Wonder why...

  6. Had good luck with the Terra stuff, but you've got to keep renewing it for a few weeks.

    This winter I'll drain the plumbing and shut the house down for a couple months. Once it gets to -30 F the bug problem goes away.

  7. Keep using the Terro. You can squirt it in place the cat cannot reach. Think like an ant. What tiny place can you get in the house. I don't really think it will hurt the cat to lick a bit of it. It's mostly sugar water. The bit of borax will not kill the cat or make it ill. If you bomb the place, that might make you both sick. I put a bit of Terro in a lid outside the house to lure them back My ants came back after a few weeks but there were fewer. So, I applied it again and they were gone for good!

    By the way, the pesticide you are applying to the cat may hurt her skin. Try a little food grade diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it around the house and in her bed and fur. That will not hard either one of you because you can actually eat it, and you can feed it as a dewormer for animals. However, the animal will not have to be outside as the worms are killed and exact.

  8. hahahaha brokeboater said what i was thinking

    *innocent look*

  9. You need a beating too honey.

  10. Nasty Girl1:44 AM

    Yes Suzanne you do need a beating. And what do you mean too? Huh baby? Who else needs a beating? Besides you?

  11. promises, promises

  12. Bug bombs away here soon.

    Make sure you get the cat out first, bro. Heh ...

  13. Boric Acid or BORAX is a great perimeter defense. Make the tiny bastards crawl through it and it'll desiccate they little thoraxes.

    Terro Ant Kill is the shit, but I usually follow that with the ant traps (Raid/Black Flag/generic)in corners, under fridge, near ducting...

    There is also an old folk remedy: Osage Oranges (aka Road Apples). They should be easy enough to find at this time of year either on roadsides or at roadside stands.
    Green bumpy things. Rural folk swear by `em.

    A bushel or two tossed beneath the weasel den certainly could hurt. Vermin hate `em. Bring a few of the "purdy" ones inside as well.
    Just keep an eye on them for signs of putrification. Sometimes they shrivel and harden, other times they don't.

  14. What is this a cat fight ladies, Busted are you going to referee?? Oh and take pictures!

    As for ants I use honey laced with raid outside where I have seen the critters going in or under the house... Has always worked for me.

  15. I hate to be the bearer of ill news, but some fleas have developed resistance to the 3-month back of neck "cure".

  16. Either way, they are both getting their asses pinched the next time I see them. Some more than the other.

    Smooches honey's.

  17. promises promises *wink wink*

  18. chkarrer@amon'thuul7:47 AM

    Cedar oil. for cats,