Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sometimes, Ya Meet the Nicest Folks On The Internet.

I have met a lot of people while yapping on the toobz.Just look at the Blog roll.

Most of them are decent people. We may not always agree when it comes to politics but when it comes right down to it, politics is fucked  up beyond all recognition any more any way.
Fer christ sakes, me and my girl friend are at polar opposites when it  comes to politics.

The way I see, it, we are are all in this shit storm together and 99% of us should be dragging the other one percent out in the street for a severe ass beating.

Believe me when I say I have been in some pretty serious flame wars over the years.

I had the rare occasion to hook up with a couple of folks on a blog tonight that both grew up in the same areas I did, They even over lapped to where my girl friends parents have lived for over 25 years.

Some one sent me a you tube of Disney lands, " It's A Small World", just to make the point.

My point is, even though I have disagreed on somethings with some people, I went out of my way to make it plain that we can agree to disagree because we sure as hell have more in common than we don't.

We sure as hell do

Go vote.
Make your choice for what it is worth.
When it is all said and done, we are going to have the same bunch of criminals in charge, just with a fresh bunch of faces that will pick our pockets.

I am an American.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and together, we will figure out a way to skin about 535 pole cats eventually.

Thanks fer stopping by and Fuck Them.

Professional Politicians should be out lawed and drug out by force if neccesary.


  1. Right on Bro,too bad more folks don't see it like that.You and I are often at odds on some politics,however that don't mean I don't respect your opinions.And ya post shit like that sausage thing oh shit that was a riot.Its America people agree to disagree!


  2. I find a real high class bunch of folks here on the Internet for the most part! Gotta say may not agree with their politics, but you will be entertained for the most part!

    If just one person, reading one Blog, stops long enough to have at least one original thought, then we have done our part!

    You just keep on doing what you do, my friend...and we'll keep coming by for a read!

  3. Could not agree more, at times we will all agree to disagree and that's what will generate a great debate. As for the 535 I would love to see term limits, there is no way someone that has been in office for 20 or 30 years can be in touch with their voting public. Anyway have a great weekend.

  4. I'd agree with you on that point except for one minor piece of legislation,the health care bill. Ted Kennedy fought for 30 years to get it enacted. What might have happened had he been a one term senator? May not be the greatest piece of legislation but it is a beginning just as Social Security and Medicare were not that great at their start.

  5. I had to stop and hear "Fuck You, Jimmy Dean.

    Dammit Nucks, I am still laughin' so hard my sides hurt.... Sounds like an Incestecada kind of person don't it???

  6. Term limits and campaign reform is our only way to have a chance.

    We would have had Health care years ago but Ted Kennedy stopped it. Once against Nixon and once against Carter and both for personal reasons. Just a fact. Makes my point above.

  7. chkarrer@aman'thuul9:08 PM

    The problem is the huge cost of our elections, and now the unlimited amount of money secret corporate donors can give.

    The only fix I can think of would be an extreme version of the old "equal time" law that Reagan eliminated.
    Any broadcast medium (radio, cable, broadcast TV, ISPs) would be required to give equal time to any candidate on the ballot. If a candidate could show that they could not afford to pay, they would get the time for free. (ISP = bandwidth costs) At some point, ads from paying candidates would be refused because the cost of providing free ads to all the others would eliminate the profit.
    That would level the playing field somewhat, and possibly avoid constitutional problems.

  8. some of the nicest folk si know are people i met online -- folk like you busted


  9. And...we should cover them in canned tuna and let a whole shitload of cats lick them whilst they hang from their fingernails.