Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Circus is in Town, Every Where, America.

Jesus fucking Christ am I glad I don't own a television anymore.

Every where I look , all I see are stupid people who should be wearing size seventeen shoes and have round red noses.
Fucking clowns running for elected office that can't even spell, Elected Office.
On one hand, we have this silly little dolt named Christine O'Donnell who's claim to fame is that she is not a witch.
If this was the Gong Show she would be out on her little ass looking to find bus fair.

She claims she has that douchebag Hannity "in her back pocket" so she can do battle with the fuck wads in her own party, has no fucking clue what the first amendment is about and steals money from the  donations for her campaign to pay for pizza deliveries. I have to agree with my buddy Gordon on this one.

Then we have the ,Oh , So Lovable Meg Whitman, who has so far spent over a Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars, of her own personal money, to run for the position of Governer of Kalifornia.
 That pays what, 200 grand a year? Just a guess.
Some return on your investment there honey.
That poor undocumented maid she was paying 23 bucks an hour should have went on strike for better wages

Something stinks like a barge full of dead cat fish there.

Then we have little Miss Carly Fiorino, who has raised 5.9 MILLION dollars, to run against Senator Barbara Boxer, again, in Kalifornia, for a job that pays $110,00 dollars a year, plus 138.00 dollars a day PER DIEM FOR EVERY DAY THEY ARE IN SESSION.

Now explain to me how 5 million goes into a hundred grand.
, OK, 6 million into a hundred and twenty five grand, my math ain't so good.

Either way, you should get my point.

The GOP and the Dumbocrats are both spending millions of fucking dollars for a job that pays one tenth of what they are spending on advertising to win.

What are we missing here folks?

Contracts, kick backs. That's what

Pay as you play.

California has one of the top ten largest economies in the entire fucking world.
Top Ten.
A hundred grand won't even get you a cheap seat in that economy.
That shit is just gravy.
Remember, Meg has ALREADY spent a hundred and fifty mother fucking MILLION dollars of her OWN money, trying to buy this election.

Ya wonder why us peons don't see the need to vote for any of these people?
Some are bat shit fucking crazy, I need not go any farther down this vein, others are so outright fucking power hungry and greedy, they are spending more than fifteen years worth of potential wages in one election season, just to get their hands on the levers of power.
Those levers must be some powerful mother fuckers is all I can say.
Might I add, none of the above give a rat fucking shit about you.
It's all about the power and they would kick you in the ribs if you had the audacity to fall over from starvation right in front of them while on their way to a corporate  fund raiser.

Better yet, they would have some hired goon do it for them. hey, those shoes are expensive, don't ya know.

Think about it, 5.9 million fucking dollars in advertising to get a job that pays a hundred grand a year.

Like I said, barge load of dead cat fish, something stinks to high heaven.
That's our political process these days.


  1. B b b b but it's America Busted. This is an exercise in freedom for these people.

  2. ...weird shit dude,i used that very same argument in a conversation with a "former friend" last week...spending tens/hundreds of millions for a measly six fig income...WTF???
    ...if it aint for "power" then what the fuck is it for???

    ..."it's to help you and me"... sarcasm/off

  3. You've just explained why politics will always be run by the rich and/or corrupt. It's the only way the math works.

  4. They're all crooks. Been saying that for years. And that's why I no longer waste my time voting. Starve the monkeys...

  5. chkarrer@amon'thuul6:33 PM

    The fewer people voting, the easier it is for ever more extreme crazies to get into office. If nothing else, just put a write-in for
    "none of the above".

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    "And that's why I no longer waste my time voting."
    Sure, but fucks already have a drivers to go with low numbers. Even if we'll stop voting altogether - those assholes will find some fucking fine printing (conveniently planted back in fucking 19 century) and use it for "excuse" to just fucking shovel their fucking rights to exercise shit. This country is hopeless.