Saturday, October 16, 2010

Someone Is Watching

Got a call from my little girl, what is she, 19?
Wants me to drive thirty miles to go look at a car she wants, on a dealer lot. 4200 hundred bucks for this POS.

Can you say NOT!!!?
I finally agreed, told her she ain't buying this fucking car and the guilt trip started.
Hey, I don't need the guilt, I will go look at the sonofabitch, I used to make a decent living picking apart used cars when I worked at a dealership.

Praise be, she called me right as I went to put gas in the truck to go over there.
Someone was going to be late and she had to stay over to cover for them.
I just went through this shit for my niece and my buddy came through for us and found her a nice damn little Plymouth with good paint, good tires, his partner did a head gasket job on it and fixed some stuff like a broken tail light and some other minor shit, took it through emsissions and fixed something else, all for 700 fucking dollars.

Let's do the math.
4200 bucks for a Ford Focus that she " has" to have, or 700 bucks for a decent runner.

Someone needs a dose of reality here AND a good beating., it looks like I am going to be busy.
Damn, I am getting too old to hold them down anymore.
Fucking kids.
I'm calling in the heavy guns, her mother.
I ain't stupid.


  1. No you're a very intelligent fart smucker my friend. I say the same to others when there is talk about their is talk of a car deal at a dealer.That is so scary. Try to explain to them they will be giving away several K of their money for fucking nothing!

  2. We've all been there OB. Mine own daughter has an ugly trait she found all by herself. It didn't come from either of her parents. If she decides that something is beneath her or gets tired of it, she mistreats/ beats the living shit out of it until it MUST be replaced. We've been through it with bikes, computers, clothing...
    I was able to hold the line on cars until she got her own job and money. I must say that I sleep a little easier knowing she's driving a late-model "dealer certified" Honda w/ warranty.
    Even better that she's earning enough to indulge her own aesthetic pettiness.

    Son, OTOH, bought a $500 beater, drove it for two years, fixing/improving as needed, then sold it last week for $1200.

    As long as your daughter ain't asking you to pay for the Focus, just be her wrench.

  3. It is all good and fine to buy a cheap car that needs a little work when your Daddy/friend can fix it. But, my only recourse is to get one that actually runs from a dealer with some sort of warranty. I will buy a cheap car when I have someone to tell me what is wrong and fix it...must be nice to have a father around. No, my guy friends sometimes know less than I

    I just sign on the line and feel like I am going to throw up!