Friday, October 29, 2010

Fuck You, Jimmy Dean

I am still laughing so hard I have tears running down my face.
"Six hundred pounds of men"., over a fucking roll of sausage.
Comedy gold.


  1. Somebody done started on the Bloody Mary"s before they went and called the Jimmy Dean hotline. lol

  2. Fuckin beautiful!

    Dude's got a point, 4 oz less for the same price.

    " . . . . pussy roll of sausage."

    That's a doozy Busted, good find and share.

  3. AND, they eat t-bone steaks AND sausage and dozens of eggs at breakfast!

    Texas, they grow 'em plump.


  4. "600 pounds of men"... why was I getting images in my head of certain areas of the Castro district of San Francisco during Pride Week when I heard that ;). (The term is "bear", BTW -- very hairy heavy men, generally decked out in gear that these good ole' boys from Texas would immediately recognize, heh!).

    Dude has a point about how shit's being downsized left and right though. Used to be, a can of tuna was 7 ounces. Then it became 6 ounces, which still worked okay in my recipes, they just were a little less tuna-y. Then goddamned fucking WALLY-WORLD convinced whoever was selling them their tuna to cut it down to *5* ounces so they could undercut the price of everybody else (selling less tuna for, err, less). A five ounce can of tuna ain't 'nuff to make my tuna casserole taste like tuna, but *two* five-ounce cans of tuna make it *too* tuna-y. So maybe this dude's method was whack, but he has a good fuckin' point, yo -- these assholes messing with the size of packages that we depend on for figurin' out how much to put into our recipes are, well, assholes, and well worth having their downsized roll of sausage called a "pussy roll of sausage", heh.

    - Badtux the Tuna-lovin' Penguin

  5. Thank you! I bout blew Mt Dew outta my .I fuckin wanna eat gaddamm it! Still fuckin laughing got tears my eyes dude is fucking serious.Thanks


  6. You have to admire a man who knows what he wants and won't settle for anything less.

  7. A picture of his family is at the top right on this page. Heh.

    Montag, yeppers, a man who knows what he wants. But given his description -- "600 pounds of men" -- maybe he ought to get a little less of what he wants, just for the sake of his poor screaming arteries, y'know, heh.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  8. Just do like I do - wait for it to go on sale "buy one, get one free" and stock up. It's easier to whine than think a little, I guess. Yeesh.