Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Teasing The Wimmins

God, I am surrounded by crazy little wimmins.
My Girlfriends little sixteen year old ' Christian"niece
is all squeeling like a stuck pig about some little future dirt bag named Garrison Duckworth.

I told her to watch out about his little cuteness and to turn it down with the squeeling.
Eventually the boy is going to try and reach in her shirt. I don't give a shit how nice he is supposed to be, it will come.
"Oh he doesn't even even cuss in front of me and his parents LOVE me!"

I have news for you ya little darlin';

Now make him a sammich.

My  ya can't tell these little shit's nuthing.
" But he loves me!!"


God damn, they are irritating little shits.

Bonus round, she has a little asshole twin bother, heavy on the asshole part.

There will be beatings handed out here shortly.


  1. ahh enjoy all of it..long as they fetch ya yer beer..well you know

  2. The best part is the GF and her sister and the little dick just went to get some beer.
    The little girl ran off two hours ago.Have a nice day.

    Life in the sticks.
    I can't wait fer in the morning.

    Laying around in a towel, bring me a beer.

    After I made seven folks dinner and took a shower. Get rid of the
    varmints.Hand me my britches.

  3. Some of life's lessons are best learned the hard way!

    Besides, trying to tell a teen anything is mostly a lost cause!

    Have a good one, Busted!

  4. Hey Busted I raised 3 of each and the girls by far are the most difficult, they know you won't swat them ya do the boys when the fuck up!!

    I was ready to ship my girls until they grew up!! But hey they are all growed up with kids of their own and now they say "Dad you know all the times you said NO to something?? Well now I understand what you were going through!!" Heh I guess I did OK by them!!

  5. Eeeeeeh, you have my sympathies. I can't stomach my brother's girls for more than half an hour. Eeeehh..