Sunday, October 17, 2010

Have A Nice Nature Hike, Just Don't Be Part Of Nature

Rangers in Washington state suspect an encounter with a mountain goat killed a 63-year-old hiker in Olympic National Park.
The park service says Robert H. Boardman, of Port Angeles, was hurt Saturday as he hiked near the park's Klahhane Ridge and died hours later at a Port Angeles hospital.
Officials did not provide any specifics on his injuries but said an early investigation indicates they were the result of an encounter with a goat.
Rangers tracked down and killed the animal, which will be analyzed by a veterinary pathologist.

Excuse the shit out of me?

Fucking dumb ass stumbles into the goats territory and gets his ass kicked for his trouble and they shoot the fucking goat?
There is some wild life conservation for ya.

How much ya want to bet these same geniuses declare the Mountain Goat population endangered next year?

Fucking morons.


  1. What a piece of crap.

    At times like this I think the anti-government people might be on to something.


    Thanks, Busted!


  2. chkarrer@amon'thuul10:34 AM

    OMFG!! It must have escaped from THIS:

    Surely it is a program to use ninja goats against the Taliban!

  3. That's like killing all the sharks because they attack .000001% of the population. Fucking people are stupid. Somebody should shoot that fucking park ranger...

  4. This particular billy goat was somewhat known for his aggressive behavior. It apparently gored the hiker, who likely bled out due to a rip in his femoral artery.

    Usually, here in Washington, it is the cougars getting hunted down for attacking or even scaring hikers....but this time, it was a rowdy goat; those "cute" little horns are actually sharp and dangerous.

    I just can't believe all the folks around the poor gored bastard were too stupid to apply a tourniquet in time to save his life.

  5. Busted we've had a lot of bears up here in my part of the state due to a wet summer and no berries for them. But the biggest problem here is raccoons and they're not afraid of anything the little bastards.